Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Civil War Days

Tori 2010 Katie & Tori 2010

This week my girls are volunteering at the local Museum Village as Junior Interpreters. Once a year the museum brings in reenactors to set up for the week and teach school kids all about the Civil War. My girls have experience with Civil War reenacting, and know a lot about what kids did during that time period. When looking at the group as a whole my girls are highly qualified for this, and I hope that the museum uses them to their advantage. This morning when I left they were teaching the other girls how to play Graces.

As I was dropping them off this morning a security guard said to me "We're going to have a lot of homeschoolers today." I smiled and agreed with him, but as I walked away his statement really gave me pause. My girls are home schooled and they learn about things by doing them. Reenacting and experimental archaeology let them experience how other people lived, not just hear about it. I guess you could say that it just proves that there are as many ways to homeschool as there are kids and parents out there doing it. As volunteers not only will the girls be learning about living during that time period for themselves, but they will be teaching younger kids about what it was like, and they're doing community service by helping make this experience possible for the hundreds of kids that will see them this week.

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