Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 Doorway to Dreams Event

Early Saturday morning I rousted the kids from bed and got them dressed. We loaded into the car and started the hour and a half drive down the road to Doorway to Dreams in Schaumburg, IL. Doorway to Dreams is a Disney Vacation Club sales center, there you can take a tour of a two bedroom villa, talk with a guide and find out all sorts of information about Disney’s “best kept secret”, the Disney Vacation Club. And while you’re there making the best Disney vacation decision ever (a purchase of course!) you’re kids can visit the supervised Disney kids club to play, do arts and crafts, and watch movies while noshing on refreshments as they wait for you. This wasn’t just any trip into D2D though, we were headed to sales event.

A sales event? Yes! Because when Disney holds an event it’s always done with style. Held at the Improve Comedy Club, Disney takes over the space for the weekend. We checked in and had a seat in the lounge as we waited to be let in to seating. Being that my BFF and I don’t see each other very often we headed over the cash bar and ordered up something fruity with an umbrella in it. This was the closest that we’ve ever gotten to a Disney trip together.

Are you interested in finding out more about Disney Vacation Club? If so, stop in for a visit, or give Laurie Bailie a call at (815) 969-4154 and tell her that Kristen sent you.

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