Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Will You Celebrate?

Earlier this year I applied to become a member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. The panel consists of about 20 dedicated Disney fans who share their real life experiences while responding to a myriad of questions about WDW from the general public. Well, I didn't make it onto the panel, but much to my delight I got the "consolation prize" of becoming an official member of the Mickey Moms Club. You see, in a brush of enlightenment realized that they had upwards of 20,000 men and women who were all Disney "experts" to their own communities. What better thing to do than tap their collective knowledge and enthusiasm by turning them into marketing testers? One opportunity that was presented to be through the Mickey Moms Club was the chance to host a Disney theme party.

Enter the Big Red Box. My party kit arrived in splendid condition on a sunny afternoon. Of course I had to open it right away to see what sort of swag I had been sent. Inside I found a delightful array of enough Disney themed gear to celebrate with 10 adults and 10 children. Disney had sent Mickey head balloons to Mickey Crazy straws, activity books and Fab Five magnets all in a neat little Disney Parks tote bag. The best part of the box was the beautiful print of all the Disney Princesses having Tea.

In the Big Red Box, Disney had sent instructions for the party. The Mouse made it clear that they weren't "sponsoring it" and we could celebrate as we liked Disney included party games, recipe ideas, a vacation DVD to watch, and raffle entry forms for a diamond necklace. They also provided an agenda to use if you like. The agenda included at least 20 minutes spent on talking to your guests about the importance of volunteering. Ahhhh... volunteering, at last I was beginning to see the purpose of the box.

Disney's Give a Day, Get a Free Disney Day was their HUGE promotion for this year. Disney Parks are celebrating volunteers by rewarding one million of them with a free day at one of the many fabulous Disney Parks in the United States. It was a great idea and there was a year worth of marketing planned around it. The problem Disney ran into was that they filled their quota for tickets to give away in just 10 weeks. So what is one to do with 1,000 Big Red Party Boxes sitting around to ship out in order to promote volunteering? Send them out to your market research crew AKA the Mickey Mom's Club and let them do their thing in promoting Disney Parks like no one else can.

Look for the video from my Big Red Box Party and the recipe for Uncle Walt's Chili coming soon!

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