Monday, June 28, 2010

Makin' Memories Monday

Disneyland Matterhorn 1968

With it's summit towering 147 feet high above the park, the Matterhorn Bobsleds opened at Disneyland in 1958. Not only the first Disney thrill ride, this was the first tubular steel track roller coaster ever built and is a landmark in it's on right for coaster buffs. I believe this picture was taken was taken around 1968, the last trip our family made with my grandfather. The snowy peak always gives me a sense of cool when touring on a hot summer day. Not only is is one of my favorite spots for pictures, but I love taking a few minutes to watch the rock climbers as they climb and rapell this famous mountain.

Disneyland Matterhorn 2009

If you walk around the peaceful peak that you see from the hub, you'll find the Submarine Lagoon. Stopping here you're able to watch the bobsleds racing around the ominous Matterhorn track. Hearing screams from the riders you get a glimpse of the thrilling adventure ahead. This Matterhorn shot from the lagoon was taken in 2009.

In April Disney launched a new line of Retro Tees to Celebrate Disneyland's 55th Anniversary. Designs include one inspired by by a Vintage Matterhorn Poster.

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