Saturday, June 5, 2010


The coming series will take you on a journey to learn a little bit about my DVC. I haven’t always be lucky enough to go to Disney, but during the lean years my passion for pixie dust never waned. Come along for the next few weeks to learn a bit about my journey, who I am, how I make our vacations happen, and why I chose the Disney Vacation Club. You can interact by leaving me a message in the comments, or follow me on twitter @DVCMom.

What a movie...

Have you seen that movie that uses a plot device in the form of forlorn dreaming to travel that is always put off due to the harsh realities of life stepping in. The couple saves and saves their pennies, but must cancel their trip time after time when unexpected expenses come up. A new baby, a new car, medical expenses, repairs to the house, yet they continue to dream and plan and try to get to their destination only to be thwarted year after year. Then, unexpectedly, one of the partners passes, without having achieved that dream, leaving their spouse to deal with loss and regret. Obsessively the final partner makes their way to the destination at all costs, taking along a token of memory to leave behind in their paradise. It’s so sad, I sobbed through the entire show. Upon leaving the theater I tearfully turned to my partner and declared “That’s awful! How could Disney make such a movie!?”

Through the tears of my own regret, I had just watched my life so far up on that silver screen. Years and years of my vacation dreams fade away due to unexpected issues that arose while I admittedly lived a pretty good life; but still there was regret. If my life paralleled this story so readily I would die without getting back Walt Disney World. I would never share the magic with my children or husband, this place that I loved so intensely from my childhood. Never share this wonderful world that is such a part of me, that shaped who I am today. Yes folks, the beginning of the movie “UP” had just ravaged my soul in a way that I never expected.

As a child I vacationed two or three times a year at Walt Disney World. I had made at least 45 trip from Illinois by the time I had turned 18. My parents and I stayed in the deluxe hotels on property that at the time were the only ones, I got used to traveling in certain manner. As a young adult I lived close to Disneyland and went frequently, however I moved back to Illinois during a divorce and that seemed to end my travel. I was married again, but we were lucky to pay our bills and get to go out now and again. I planned a Disney vacation every year, I budgeted and saved, but with three growing children and all of life’s little bumps I canceled ten years of vacation dreams. How would I ever manage to get back to paradise?

Little did I realize that just a few months prior I had made a purchase on a whim, that would change my life and take my regrets away. I had become a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Member.

Do you have vacation regrets, dreams, aspirations? Where is your paradise? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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