Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The right time to buy DVC?

DVC Banner

Since I had heard the very first rumors of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) 18 years before, I had wanted to become a member. I tried to talk my mother who went to WDW twice a year to join, but she didn’t think that she needed it, or maybe she thought it was to grand of a luxury. I’ll never know, but I knew it made sense for me, however like anything else that gets put off until “the right time” I just never purchased.

One day late summer day my husband, my roommate and I went shopping at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Il. Regardless of the hour and a half drive, we had been there many times as it has the closest Disney Store to me, and most recently, it has the Doorway to Dreams. The Doorway to Dreams sales center gives you the opportunity to peak inside models of the rooms offered at the vacation club resorts, talk with Disney cast members, trade pins, and generally just get a small taste of the magic when you’re stuck miles away. I made it a ritual to see the models every time we were at the mall, and I especially loved the look that would be Kadani Village at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (AKL). I had stayed at AKL the previous year with my mother and youngest daughter and love it. The resort is quiet and secluded, with a savanna view room guests are treated to African wildlife perusing the ground in their daily routine. It was pure Disney Magic.

On this day however I was going to let it pass because our roommate was along and I didn’t want to burden him with my Disney obsession. As we passed the entrance, he looked at me and said “Don’t you want to go in.”

I shook my head no and told him “We don’t have to.”

He looked up at my husband and said “Do we need to buy this?”

My husband said “Yes.” and suddenly my world was spinning.

Armed with a new credit card the three of us asked to see a model, next thing I knew we were in a sales office getting the pitch so that my husband and roommate would understand what all the Disney Vacation Club was about. I listened to our DVC Guide and got a pit in my stomach when she brought out the financing options, this was always the point where they lost me. To my great surprise my husband and roommate agreed that with the deal on the table, we could afford to buy some points. Never in my life did I think I would get a loan, but my credit was approved, and the next thing you know, for $500 down we were buying 160 points in the Disney Vacation Club at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Within two hours, we were members. When I signed the contract, I cried with joy, The guys were laughing, and our DVC Guide was cheering for me. It really was one of the best moments of my life. After 18 years, I really had gone through the doorway to my dreams.

Though many people scoffed that we had done something that seemed so extravagant, on this one day all the stars had aligned perfectly. I had a deposit on me, credit was approved with payments we could handle, and we were in the right place, a place that I almost passed by. Everything just clicked, and once again I started planning a vacation.

I decided on that day there is never a “right time”, there is only here, and only now, and the active steps you take to get what you want most in life.
How do you decide when it’s the “right time” to make a major purchase? There are many good reasons to become a member that have nothing to do with “saving money”. How would DVC help you? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


  1. Okay. I know nothing about DVC/associated. It sounds like it's a Disney timeshare, basically?

  2. Yes, It's essentially Disney's version of a timeshare. I just added a page to the blog with a brief explanation. It's really urned out to be the best purchase I've ever made.


  3. I have a question. I've heard that when you buy into DVC the fine print says it's only good for 30 years. After that, you're done and have to reapply for membership. Is this true? I thought if you bought into it, it would be for life and something you could pass onto your kids... is there truth to this?