Friday, July 30, 2010

A simple pleasure

I have a confession to make. Ever since my giant Mickey bag fell apart and I decided that I no longer needed to carry a diaper bag (about six years ago) I’ve been in a sort of purse limbo. I’m loathe to spend more than $30 on a bag, yet I can’t seem to find one that I’m happy with. This spring, I was medically required to tailor down to a smaller purse size when I injured my back. I love purses, and I’ve followed several designer bag brands for years. But, I’ve never bought one for myself. I’m also really picky about the design of a purse, it has to work for me. So here I sit with a rubbermaid bin full of Target/Kohls/Walmart purses that I hate, wishing and dreaming that I could find something that would equal the joy that was my giant Mickey Bag. My dream purse is small, but has room enough to keep everything I need in it, must have a pocket for easy access to my phone and the lose car key that I carry, and I prefer two handles.

For the past year or so I’ve been drooling over the “Sketch” Disney Dooney collection. I’ve been saving money with the hope of buying one this October while on vacation. However a couple of weeks ago Stitch Kingdom made a post saying that Disney Dooney’s were on sale at the DisneyStore.com. Knowing that I had a gift card with some money on it I headed out to the web site and browsed around. There I found a Disney Dooney on sale for $44 down from $70. $44!!!! Even though it wasn't the one that I had been wanting, how could I not buy it? I threw caution to the wind and bought it, here it is, my very first designer bag.

My 1st Disney Dooney

Just a few days later it arrived in the mail and I… hated it. It’s small, very small, so I sat it aside on a shelf for a few days. I’d walk by and look at it, loving the look, loving the fabric but just not knowing if I could use it. A few more days passed and I transfered my belongings into it. I can only fit about half of the things I need in the purse, but the more I carry it, the more I seem to love it.

Why? Why do I love this little purse that doesn’t function the way I need it to? Two Words…

Mickey Mouse

Every time I drop my little Disney Dooney on a counter to pay for something Mickey’s cheerful face is gazing up at me. He reminds me of vacations past, of family members lost, he reminds me that we leave soon to experience the magic again. He’s there for me. Mickey doesn’t judge me, he doesn’t care if my wallet is empty, or if I’ve stuffed to much junk inside. He doesn’t care if he’s resting on the counter of Abacrombie & Fitch, or at Target. He accepts me just the way I am with a cheerful smile each and every day.

Even though it’s not my dream purse, I love my little Disney Dooney, and I can’t wait to buy another.

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  1. **UPDATE** My mother-in-law thwaped me on this head this morning and reminded me that this is not the only designer purse that I've ever owned. Years ago I lost my purse in a parking lot the night before my sister's wedding. I was *very* upset by the time we got to Mom's house. She knew that I loved Coach products and she had a coach bag that she wasn't using in her closet. Madge gave me my very first designer bag, and it still hangs on my purse rack, it's not in my giant bin of cheapos.