Sunday, August 15, 2010

Build a Perry the Platypus Inaction Figure!

IMG_0017Today the kids and I piled into the van in order to make the trip into Schaumburg (about 1.5 hours) to attend the build your own Perry Inaction Figure event at the Disney Store. The event was scheduled to start at 11am, and we walked in the door shortly before then. The place was packed with children and families sitting on the floor in the aisles near the cash register. Though the old Children’s Place design of our store was fairly cramped, everyone was buzzing with excitement. First up, was a screening of the Phineas and Ferb Episode. While the kids watched the show and sang along to the videos, I took the opportunity to check out some of the new merchandise. To my delight there was even more gear that was appealing to teens and adults, with an improvement in the quality of the children’s lines. My oldest daughter commented that she was “so happy to see that I can shop at the Disney Store and buy things for me again.”

After the screening Cast Member Melissa and her team handed out of 70 kits to people at the event. This first morning session was a huge hit as everyone spread out to try and find room to build their inaction figures. Melissa did a great job in explaining the project, though a microphone would have been a big help. In the area we were at the kids could neither see, nor hear the instructions. My oldest daughter (who volunteers at a Children’s Museum) took charge of our section and helped out all the kids around us. An extra cast member on duty would have been made the event run more smoothly overall. Jim, if you’re reading… Tori’s available for hire.

The kids attending this event varied in age from around 3 right up through 17 and all seemed to be having a great time. My Teens we’re not the only ones participating either. The kids that I spoke with found the art project was “easy to work” and the resulting Perry Figure “Cool.” It seemed that a good time was had by all.

I’m very much looking forward to the redesign of this store that I trust will come. The current layout is not designed to hold an event of this sort, but the cast members and attendees made the best of what was available. It was obviously a draw into the store with 70 plus attendees at the 11am session and another happening at 1pm. The adults wandering around while their kids were entertained were all shopping and I wouldn’t be surprised if this has created a better than average sales day, the Agent P “mystery discount” coupon that they were handing out to the attendees was a great touch!


Way to go Disney Store, keep up the fabulous changes!

We’re in for the next event so bring it on!

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