Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Editorial: I love Twitter and Disney!

1043356381070397992When Twitter first came out I gave it a go, and found it wasn’t for me. No one I knew was on it, no one “got it”, and business’ weren’t yet using social media as a marketing tool. I left and let my account sit dormant for years, it just didn't fill a purpose at the time.

A few months ago when I started my DVCMom Blog I decided that I needed to give Twitter another try. Though I had found some Disney community on Facebook, mine was mostly full of friends that didn’t care what Disney was doing and I didn't want to bore them. So, I changed the name on my Twitter account and set out looking for Disney tweeps. Wow! Did I find a lot of stuff. Not only did I find a great community of fans who are just as into Disney as I am, but The Disney Company has embraced social media in a major way and has set innovative precedents this year in marketing strategy. I’m truly enjoying my experience on Twitter this time around.

This week I was reminded not only why I love Twitter, but why Disney’s customer service is legendary. Being that my time for vacation is getting close I’ve been considering pre-ordering the PhotoPass CD. Now, last time I was there the Photopass ended up being pretty useless for me. We didn’t have enough park days and I could never find a photographer when I wanted one. However on this trip we’re doing a few special events, and the older kids might be splitting off from Katie and I. I think it will be a better deal on this trip, but only if I could buy it at a discount.

I tweeted out to my followers to ask if anyone knew where I could get the code. One person responded to help me the best that she could, but I tweeted that I would call my concierge for help. The next morning @DisneyPhotoPass, the official tweeter for that branch of the company who sent me a link to exactly what I wanted. How amazing is that!? I sent it out into the universe and through the magic of Disney, and Twitter it came to me, The pre-arrival discount page. Because of their great customer service, I’ll be pre-ordering the CD.

Go Disney! Not only do you post press information out to Twitter, but your staff is actively searching for mentions of the company with the purpose of finding people with questions and helping them. Now that’s customer service. I love Disney, and I love the avenue which Twitter gives them to keep making dreams come true.

If you’d like to follow my tweets, you can find me @DVCMom. We’ll be live tweeting from our Walt Disney World Vacation September 29th - October 4th

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