Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bad Mommy...

We’re six days away from our Walt Disney World vacation, we’ve had to make some changes because of funding as well as tight scheduling. As Mom, and the main vacation planner, I’m doing everything that I can to please all of my travelers. I’ve gone from a trip that first only had one park day to six, four meet-ups, a race and a hard ticket party. It’s honestly going to be a pretty great trip. Here’s the rub, it’s Disney, it’s #EPICOctober2010, there’s only so much time and money available. We can’t do everything. We can’t do everything.

Today I decided that we would not be park hopping, it’s just too much of an expense to add to our tickets when we would only be using it 2 out of 6 days. However, this also means that we can’t to the WDW Foodie Fest scavenger hunt. This has lead to one of my daughters pouting around the house and making me feel like a bad mommy.

I’ve explained to her that we have to make choices and that we can’t do everything. She says that she understands, but that doesn’t stop the sad sack slump and the “I wish I could do this” every 10 minutes since I’ve told her. I want to scream “GET OVER YOURSELF” at the top of my lungs, but that wouldn’t stop her from finding a new way to make me feel guilty for not being able to do everything.

One of these days she'll have her own kids and have to make choices. However until then I’m just a bad mommy. She can deal.

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  1. You are so not a "bad mommy" and I know the sad sack slump you reference - hehehe.