Friday, September 10, 2010

If I were to climb on top of Expedition Everest: NDK49 Journal Post

EverestIf I were to climb on top of Expedition Everest it would look all snowy and I would see prayer flags dancing in the wind. When I reached the top I would probably hear the Yeti, the protector of the mountain, ROAR. At the top of Expedition Everest I would smell the scents of the food cooking at the restaurant Yak & Yeti.

I would see all of the colorful prayer flags dancing and blowing in the wind. Strung across the buildings, tied to trees, sending prayers to the wind horse spreading the good will and compassion everything it touches. It is very relaxing.

I would hear the Yeti roar because he is trying to scare away the train that took peace from HIS mountain. He doesn't want to hurt the people he just would want the people to leave him and the peaceful mountain alone.

I would smell the sweet and sour scents the meat cooking down in the Yak & Yeti restaurant wafting up with the breeze. The scent of noodle soup making my tummy rumble like the Yeti shaking the mountain!

This is what i think climbing to the top of Expedition Everest would be like. Expedition Everest is one of my favorite rides because it’s like a roller coaster but relaxing at the same time. It teaches the story of the Yeti and how some people think that he protects the land. I think that if people would stop looking for him, that maybe he’d show himself.

~ Katie, regularly shares "Disney from a Kids Point of View", she is eleven years old and still lives at home with her family. A real DVC kid, she is a Disney Channel fan and enjoys exploring all things Disney in her own way.

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