Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trip Report - Reflections on Day One

Welcome HomeI must admit to you that I’ve been on the verge of tear since we arrived in Orlando. I am *so* happy to be back here and around every corner I seemed to be overwhelmed with hospitality. From the cast members to the other guests it has the charm and hospitality that continues to be beyond compare. I nearly cried when we boarded the Magical Express yesterday, and then again when we went under the “Walt Disney World Resort” sign and the passengers erupted in cheers. My eyes swelled walking when we were escorted up to the concierge level, we were handed our keys and told “Welcome Home”. A deep whoosh of air left my lungs… home, I am home.

The kids and I made our way to EPCOT (which was only an 8 minute bus ride from our hotel. Walking through the gate and towards Space Ship Earth I became all choked up once again. Every beautiful childhood memory came rushing back to me, but now I was the adult and I had brought my children home. My aunt is with us on this journey, I can feel her spirit along side me, and it reminds me of how much I miss her. It’s been over a decade and I think of all the wonderful things that I wish we could share. Yeah… now I am crying.

We ate dinner last night at Tokyo Dining which is at Epcot’s Japan Pavilion. It was lovely, the food was great, the hostess’ were so demure and polite it was almost painful. I’ll write a review post from the meal after we get home. Right now stream of conscious is all I can manage.

After diner we walked back to Future World and I rode Test Track for the very first time ever! It was AWESOME! Oh my god I screamed so loud, Kirk was laughing at me the whole walk to our next ride. Then we rode Mission Space, also amazing! Also, my first time. By 10:00 PM my body was screaming at me that we needed to get back to the hotel room, so what did we do? What else? We hit Journey to Imagination and Living with the Land.

10:30 was the tipping point though, all of us were tired and ready to head home. On the way back to the bus a Palmetto bug ran across Katie’s foot and she freaked! It wasn’t the biggest one I had ever seen, but she was sure that it wanted to eat her. Screaming she kicked it off of her foot, only to have it run right back to her and jump on again. She flicked it off, stomped on it, and then it finally ran away. I’m sure that it was part zombie.

After a good nights sleep, I awoke at 6:30 and went down to the concierge lounge to grab some coffee. Now here I sit on my third Americano overlooking the savanna where giraffe and zebra casually graze on their morning breakfast. The kids are still sound asleep and I’m inclined to let them stay that way.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is on the schedule for today and we’ll be closing down the park with a viewing of Fantasmic! I can’t wait. I’m sure that there will be more crying.

Day One Photos are up Online HERE


  1. It's exciting how the hospitality of Disney just made you feel at home. Can't wait to go to WDW myself one day. Love hearing about your trip so far. Can't wait to read more!

  2. I adore the Animal Kindgom lodge. Seeing those animals from your balcony is just wonderful. :) Enjoy the trip!