Monday, October 25, 2010

And I’m Okay…


A little over a week ago Disney sent out letters for the folks that made the cut for the second round of applications for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. For the second year in a row, I wasn’t chosen to move forward. Even though I didn’t expect to move on, I was really sad when I found out. I had spent a year of my life “preparing” for the 2011 Panel application process, unlike last year’s off the cuff responses. I live and breathe Disney it’s hard to know that they didn’t find my application interesting enough to move on. The thought that maybe I'm not "fan enough" is hard to swallow. Overall though, I’m ok with it.

I know that there were other fabulous people that also didn’t make it to round two. I know that there were people who are much “more fan” than I am who didn’t move on. There are better bloggers than I, better mothers than I, more frequent travelers than I, all who didn’t get chosen to be part of the WDW Mom’s Panel. The esoteric process of who Disney wants is lost on me. I don’t believe that it’s a popularity contest, as some have suggested, because if it were the popular people would have been picked. As far as I can tell, many of the “cool kids” of the Disney Internet community were passed right over with the rest of us.

The Moms Panel was a great idea when it was introduced three years ago. The application, and rejection, process has brought people together, created new Internet communities, spawned blogs and tweets, and has been a benefit to millions of people planning their next trip to the Wonderful World of Disney. However there's just no doubt that it creates hurt feelings, smashes self confidence, and leaves nearly thousands of Disney fans around the world feeling like they aren't good enough to do what they are most passionate about. Our consolation prize is something called the "Mickey Moms Club" and in concept is fun, but in actuality has been neglected, and doesn't live up to it's idea. I believe that it's time the Disney Company re-consider not the Moms Panel in whole, but how the selection and rejection process is managed. I’m a giant Disney fan, but sometimes I disagree with the “company line”.

I don’t have the cash to get down to the World as much as I want, and anyhow, where I really shine is when I talk about DisneyLAND. So, overall I’m okay with not being picked for the Moms Panel. I’m still a D23 member, DVC owner, Disney Store shopper, avid Disney vacation planner, and all round go to gal for all things Disney for my friends, who wears her Mickey Mouse tattoo proudly.

My life is no less, my Disney is no less, and I’m OK.

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