Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Light Tanks and Tomorrow City - Gamer Goodies from G4

There are six people in my household and four of them are serious gamers. You can be sure that whenever they are looking for the latest information on industry news, they're tuning in to G4TV. Right now G4TV.com has a great retrospective up on the history of Disney Gamer goodness "A Brief History Of Disney Video Games -- From Aladdin to Kingdom Hearts" that wets our appetite for what is soon to be coming down the line.

Speaking of down the line, we were thrilled to have G4 send a sneak peek of the upcoming Disney releases Epic Mickey and TRON Evolution, so of course, we're sharing it with you! G4tv.com is featuring all Disney exclusives that show a brand-new level for the upcoming Wii title Epic Mickey and Light Tank gameplay for the multiplatform release TRON Evolution.

Disney Epic Mickey – Tomorrow City  

TRON Evolution - Light Tanks

We thank G4 for sharing these fabulous gamer goodies with us, and hope you enjoy them too!

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