Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tony's Town Square: The Ugly and The Sweet

Last Sunday my kids and I were in the Magic Kingdom getting ready to celebrate Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party with a huge group of Internet friends that were celebrating #EpicOctober2010.  To kick off our night we had reservations at Tony’s Town Square. The atmosphere was lovely and the staff very helpful however overall the kids and I were under-whlemed with the the food at Tony’s.  We ordered Spaghetti, Lasagna, and Chicken Parmesan for our entrees and really didn’t have a single good thing to say about them.  I know that when cooking color = flavor, but there is such a thing as too much color, and that’s called burnt.  I didn’t bother taking pictures or anything except for Tori’s burnt chicken.  In that picture below you can also see a side order of anemic meatballs. The lasagna and meatballs were super dry, it seems like they’re not baked with any sort of sauce, and the items are just sauced to finish.  If the meat was juicy and flavorful on it’s own that would have been fine, but this was truly dry, bland, and tasteless. My kids had rallied for this reservation, because they had memories of going there with their Grandmother on previous trips.  Even they left saying that we didn’t ever have to eat there again.

Why Not to eat at Tony's

But!  I can’t bring myself to just say bad things because they did offer something good. The Halloween themed desserts were delicious and everyone enjoyed sampling the sweet fall treats.  We ordered the “Build it Yourself” Cookie Sundae, which came with lots of sprinkles and cookies to decorate a simple scoop of vanilla gelatto. Tori enjoyed crafting the sundae to her liking.

Build your own Sunday

Everyone tried the Pumpkin Gelatto which was creamy and delightful.  I was worried that the pumpkin flavor would be too much, but it was actually very light and delicate on the palate. I could have eaten the whole thing if I hadn’t have had the very amazing distraction before me of Pumpkin Cheesecake!

This was not a dense New York style cheesecake, this dessert was a fluffy, airy dome of pumpkiny goodness.  The cheesecake offered was almost closer to a dense mousse, and the spicy flavors of fall really stood out in this delicious sweet treat.  I could eat these all year long, I wish that we could get them at home.  Everyone tried a bite and agreed that it was the winner of the meal. 

We may or may not go back to Tony’s Town Square for a meal ever again; but next time we’re at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, we’ll stop in for cheesecake!

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  1. i've been twice. first time was okay. second time made me decide not to go back. i didn't get any desserts, so i didn't have any benefit then.