Friday, October 1, 2010

Trip Report - Reflections on Day Two

I woke up before the kids, around 7:30, and meandered down to the concierge lounge to check out the offerings. I had read mixed reviews from other guests if the food was worth while or not, and I was happy to see that the morning offerings were looking scrumptious. I made my plate with fresh fruit and pastries perfect for a morning pick me up. Then I made my way over to the Nespresso machine. There it sat, the little magic box that was going to tell me if I was drinking double Americanos or Starbucks Via for the rest of my trip. I slowly read the instructions and then slid the little plastic disk into it’s slot and preformed a classic “PHD” (push here dumby). The black box gurgled and chugged before it started dripping a beautiful carmel colored liquid. The honey like shot fell into hot water and cream leaving a crema on top. I stared down into the little cup and smiled, the pour looked good, the smell was intoxicating, carefully I took a sip. Success! Chicago, we have espresso, and good espresso at that. No more coffee worries on this trip.

100_2296Three cups later and the kids began wandering out of bed. It was about 9am at this point and though I wanted to get going, I was unsure if we could spend an entire day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Eventually we gathered downstairs for the bus and just made it onto a standing room only transport. We arrived at Hollywood Studios around 10:30 am and headed off for adventure. We did Muppets 3D, The Great Movie Ride, and the Backlot Tour, before we found it. The Writers Stop.

The Writers Stop is a tiny little book shop tucked away that is home to some decadent sweet treats. I had been hearing about the amazing carrot cake cookies and I just had to get one for myself. Oh my god, they were so huge! I had seen pictures of them but I just wasn’t expecting this. Tasty and delicious I put the kids to taste testing with me as we samples two of the baked goods. Next we did some shopping and walking around before lunch at 1:00. My son Kirk bought a new hat and decided to channel Indiana Jones.100_2258

Our lunch reservations were at the Sci-Fi Drive In. I have never heard much about this resturaunt, but I liked the look of the menu so that’s where I had made ADRs. I’ll do a full review once I’m at home, but for now I just want to say that I was thrilled with both the experience and the food.

After lunch we headed down Sunset Boulevard towards the roller coasters. Katie and Kirk went off to ride, Tori and I strolled the boulevard and shopped. We found some great new Disney gear. The rides weren’t crowded at all, Katie and Kirk pretty much walked on them and rode each twice.

We were talkig with a charming young cast member named Chad in front of Rockin’ Rollercoaster as we waited for the other kids to get off of the ride. He tried to pick up Tori for a date at F&W Festival this weekend, until he realized that she’s jail bait. He advised us to line up as early as possible for Fantasmic! because they (the park) were expecting the park to get super crowded after 7pm. When Katie and Kirk returned Chad escorted us over to Tower of Terror and took Kirk and Katie in the VIP entrance to ride again. Tori and I continued our shopping spree and even found a Christmas gift for someone.

100_2268Tori and I lined up for Fantasmic! Next, which will get it’s own post once I get home. After watching the fabulous show we headed out and grabbed a cab bakc to the hotel where we ate dinner at the Mara, Katie went swimming and we finally hit the hay around Midnight.

Pictures from Day Two up HERE!

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