Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Epic Mickey is Epic!

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As I sit here writing, the hard core gamer in our house (Erik) is taking the first turn at playing Epic Mickey on the Wii.

Not just a light romp through Disney Parks, this game takes thought and skill as you control Mickey and his fight against the Blots. Choices must be made along every step of the way, will you go after the obvious tools, or will you help out the Gremlins along the way which have been trapped by the Evil Doctor? Do you restore the land to it's former glory? Or just get by with what needs to be done to move on to another land? Game style matters in this one and every family member can create a different journey as they travel through the Wasteland.

Both the gaming environment artwork, and the unique style of the cut scenes is a visually stunning delight. Erik is currently working his way through the Small World ride area. At first it was unrecognizable to him but a serious Disney Parks fan will be able to pick out even the smallest of magical details. Personally, I find it disturbing when he smashes the dolls to pieces in order to earn "tickets" which act as game money.

This game takes some mad skills with the Wii-mote, and a lot of thought about what you want to do next. Erik says it's not for just killing a mindless hour, but even a hard core gamer won't be bored. Epic Mickey is gold for the Disney gamer in your family. Make sure it's under the tree!

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