Sunday, November 7, 2010

Excellence in Historical Interpretation

My kids have grown up as historical reenactors.  We believe that the best way to learn about history is to experience it ourselves.  Yes, that's us, we're the people that you go see for a day when your town is having a battle, or your local history museum is putting on a demonstration.  We've given presentations at schools and libraries, and just set up camp in the back yard to get in some living history practice.  My family has participated in Medieval, American Civil War, Victorian, and WWII reenactments.  For the past two years we haven't done a lot of reenacting as a family, however my girls have been volunteering as Youth Historical Interpreters at Midway Museum Village in Rockford, IL.
Last night Katie went to the end of the season party at the Village, Tori stayed home because she didn't feel well.  When Katie came home she had with her a little trophy and certificate for Tori.  Tori had been given an award for Excellence in Historical Interpretation at Civil War Days. 

So Congratulations Tori for putting you heart into what you do.  Your research and the way you share information has made a difference in the lives of all of the school children who came through those four days of Civil War Education.  It's easy to tell the kids that there was no TV or Nintendo, but your interpretation and the way your shared all you know about children in the 1860s made it come to life.

Tori 2010

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