Friday, November 5, 2010

Jazz hot baby

That's him, the cool cat with the mean chapeau blowing his horn at his first ever Jazz concert.  He bobs and weaves, keeps time with his whole body and feels the music. He's the only trombone in the band, and he holds his own, because there's no other choice.  The other family member in the picture, that's his horn "Shiny".

Kirk has played the trombone since the 7th grade, that's four years now, and he's come a long way.  He's been in concert band that whole time, and this year, this year he added Jazz.  Though it's not really his music,  Kirk grew up listening to Chris Botti, Jane Monheit, Peter Cincotti and Michael Buble', Jazz is in him whether he wants it or not.  His plan in life is to be a rock star, I had to break it to him that most rock bands don't have a famous trombone player.  Plan B is to be a music teacher, so next year he's dropping drama and picking up the saxophone as well as playing his trombone.

Last night the girls and I made our way to the High School to here the group play.  Kirk had warned me that not all of the selections they played were going to be up to par.  He had tried to get the Jazz band to understand that of the numbers they had down, they should put their best foot forward with the concert selections.  In the end he was out voted and he was a little nervous about what I would think.

The music wasn't bad, and my ears didn't bleed, these High School kids are so much better than the Middle School was.  I can sit back and enjoy the concert, especially when it's my kind of music.  I thought that his band did great, and the song he had been so worried about was not bad at all.  The most horrifying part of the night however was not on Kirk, but a girl in the second band that was announcing  their next selection.  She thought that Miles Davis was sort of a famous trumpeter, maybe... he kinda did great things.  Ugh!  Like a stake through the heart.  Sort of?!  It seems to me that a Jazz band class should include some teaching about the Jazz greats.  If they don't know where the music came from, and people who influenced it, how can they understand the music?

Yes,  the life of a High School Trombonist can be hard when mom's a Jazz fan, but last night after an already grueling eleven hour day at school, Kirk took a deep breath and went on with the show.

I'm very, very proud.

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