Thursday, November 4, 2010

Katie is the NDP of the Month for November, 2010

Last month our very own Katie submitted a Halloween story to a contest being held by the Inner Mouse Vidcast/Podcast.  A few select stories were picked to be read on the air and hers was declared the winner!  As the winner of the contest, Katie has been given the honor of being featured on The Disney Driven Life as Neurotic Disney Person of the Month for November, 2010 and a premium subscription to TouringPlans.com.  There’s a fabulous profile on Katie written by the talented NDM #1 that details Katie's love for Disney over on The Disney Driven Life.  Surf on over and be sure to check it out.

I couldn’t be prouder of my little Disney fan for putting all the effort into her writing, as well as having the guts to put it out there to the public.  This is Katie’s first year Home Schooling and we’re happy to add Disney focused projects whenever we can.  While Katie was working on this story she learned about composition structure, sequence of events, when to end a paragraph, and how to express conversation using quotes.  A little pixie dust added to the homework makes it so much easier.

Visit The Disney Driven Life
Read Katie's Profile on the DDL
Listen to the Live Inner Mouse Vidcast on Tuesday Nights or subscribe to it in iTunes

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