Thursday, December 9, 2010



When life is getting hectic and the pressure of the world seems to be crushing me, I try and look to simple pleasures that will boost my spirit. The world is full of little things that give us joy but are often overlooked. It's important to stop, however briefly, and acknowledge those ordinary joys that can lift spirits when times are tough.

My favorite mid-day escape is cup of coffee. I don’t need a frilly sugary latte that’s more like dessert. Just a nice cup of coffee with a little cream, and I have a little escape from all of troubles that are worrying me. The warmth of the cup in my hands, the lovely aroma drifting up in the steam, a full bodied sip of deliciousness. It is a moments respite, from the world around me. Simple comfort, in a perfect cup.

As a busy mom I often forget how important it is to take a few moments for myself every day. It’s so important to schedule a few minutes of “mom time”. It doesn’t matter if you find joy in a beautiful piece of music, an extra few minutes in the shower, or a cup of coffee. Take a little time every day to focus on you, and something that gives you that simple pleasure.

What is your simple pleasure? Leave a comment below to tell me the secret to your joy.

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  1. I love cooking or baking. Throwing all your worries into making good food and when your done you come out with a perfect product. The plus side is you get to enjoy eating whatever you created. What a great article Kristen!

  2. My simple pleasure is also coffee. In the morning. In the afternoon.
    I also like to go grocery shopping late at night, without the kids, without the crowds.

    Why couldn't I have thought to write a post about simple pleasures? I had a really hard time choosing a prompt this week:

  3. My simple pleasures are also coffee and baking. Or sometimes just zoning out in front of the TV.

  4. My simple pleasure is coffee in the morning, and watching a good movie or catching up on my tv shows after my son goes to bed.

  5. Coffee, coffee and more coffee! I obviously love coffee but been without sugar for 2 days so now coffee is tasting a little different to me. That's my simple pleasure! Thanks for reminding me I should take time for myself but wait...I'll have to take a number...*laughing*!

  6. This will probably sound gross, but my simple pleasure is mozzarella sticks after the Babby has gone down for a nap. Used to be coffee before I was pregnant, but decaf coffee is gross :(

  7. I think it sounds pretty yummy!

    Thanks so much to everyone who has left a comment for me! I love learning about all the simple pleasures.