Thursday, December 2, 2010

DisneySMMoms - Regstration Day


This evening has calmed down a bit from the Internet hilarity that ensued after registration opened for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference, being held next March at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. This is one of those things that I’ve been working towards over the past year with my little blog. If I didn’t make the 2011 Mom’s Panel, I wanted to at least be able to go to the social media conference. The 2010 inaugural conference was a spectacular success and got praise from mom bloggers across the Internet. Top notch business speakers and events were highlighted by Disney Magic around the resort at one vey low price. A great opportunity to learn from those leading the industry and to network with moms from all across the country. Not to mention, those of us who are regular Disney goers were floored at the value given to conference attendees.

Registration was set to open December 2nd at 2PM EST. I emptied my calendar and rescheduled appointments so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything else. I was ready and waiting for over an hour to get in the virtual door. Only priority programs running, check. Kids entertained for at least an hour, check. Blog stats, check. Credit card information, check. The twitter hastag #DisneySMMoms was in full furry with a virtual race grander than Filene’s Basement on bride’s day about to take place. Over 1,000 mom bloggers from around the world, trying to get just over 100 spots at the conference on a first come first serve basis. I closed down my twitter so that I could get down to business.

Registration opened and I started trying to get to the website. Click… click… click… the registration page was not was coming up. The place holder told me to wait and that the page would auto-refresh. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes passed and still I was left staring at a little orange circle going round and round. Nothing seemed to be happening, and I was beginning to panic, had I missed it? Was there something wrong with my Internet? I opened twitter back up to see if anyone else had gotten in. No, no one had been able to make a connection. Fingers were flying with frazzled, panicking, moms hoping to snag a coveted spot. More time went by and a few people slowly started to get registrations. Others just waited and tried everything they could thing of to get their page to load. Some moms had to leave their house and dropped out because it was taking so long to get registered. Some got kicked out of registration several times and had to get back in que. Some moms went through registration and then decided at the last moment they didn’t have the money, other still sat watching the orange circle go round and round.

Finally! Just a few minutes shy of an hour, the registration page came up for me. I was in! I made sure that all my fields were filled out, and five pages later I hit submit. It took, I had put in my request to register. However my dear readers the story doesn’t end here. I received and email shortly thereafter saying that all registrants would be verified and a confirmation of registration would be sent later. Verified!? Later!? Good googlie mooglie what new hell was this? Tweets still kept streaming at record speed on the thread as more people got in and others still waited. No one was really sure exactly how verification would happen, or what it would entail. I closed my computer and went to get coffee with my husband.

I arrived home a little over an hour later and saw that the registration process had been shut down. No one is quiet sure how many people got to register, but we do know that some people never even got to the registration screen and were stuck staring at the little orange circle of death for over two hours. Word was sent out that confirmations would not come before morning.

Now… for those of us who did make it through the process, we wait. Wine will be involved and hopefully, I sleep.


  1. Great post! Sums the insanity up pretty nicely! Good luck...hoping we both get good news in the morning!


  2. Such a great post! Exactly how I felt!