Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Give Away from Night Owl Mama

Eden CafeEden Fantasys is a store you can trust that's dedicated to helping you rekindle the spark in your marriage.  It's more than just a adult toy shop, it's a community dedicated to what sex really is, the exploration of healthy sexuality and adding a little excitement in the bedroom.  This morning in my mailbox I saw that  Night Owl Mama is doing a Valentine Give Away to win a $50 Eden Gift Card!  I am so in!

I must admit, out there somewhere on the web I have a blog that all my Disney & Mom Blogging peeps would cringe if they saw it.  I decided to take a bit of an inner-personal journey this year and I wanted to chronicle it, without changing the rating of the DVC Mom Blog.  I discovered a whole different world of Mom blogs out there that don't talk about kids and Disney.  Blogs like Mama Still Wears Gucci, The Bipolar Diva, The Naughty Mommy, and Getting Naughty Between the Stacks.  Did you realize that there's still more to life than taking care of the kids and Mickey Mouse?  Yes!  I know it's hard to believe, but there are moms out there still having a life that doesn't revolve around the PTA.  It's amazing, I think that maybe I had forgotten. ;D

Night Owl Mama, thank you for writing such a lovely post about this great store that helps adults remember there's more to life than the kids and daily grind.  It's a great Valentine give away, and a great shop to be working with.  I hope that I win your Eden Fantasys Give Away! I'll totally use it!


  1. thanks for such a sweet post. I tried to keep it classy because after all not everyone can appreciate the other parts of life in the bedroom. Did you see the nighty's they have there!! SO cute! ;) Good luck and thanks for blogging. I need to check out your blog.
    I have a post coming up in the next week or so about my tour of the Disney studios grounds in L.A and chatting with the director of Gnomeo and Juliet and some of the Actors including Elton John! thanks for entering have a great day

  2. Oh ANd I just noticed you have my old button don't forget to switch it out for the new one and get another extra entry on the giveaways ;D