Monday, February 21, 2011

Airfare Success!

It’s well known that the cost of airfare keeps going up, and some places are harder hit than others, but you can still find 2008 prices if you just keep at it.  I was horrified at my $450 flight from Chicago O’Hare to Orlando International for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in March.  It’s almost twice what I have ever paid before to getaway.  While booking that flight last November, I checked on other dates I would be needing in 2011, then I checked again in January.  Across the board Chicago to Orlando was higher than ever before.  I resigned myself to the understanding that I would need to budget a little tighter to pay for my flights.

This morning however I found what to me is a little miracle. When checking pricing for my May and October flights I discovered that rates had gone back down under $250.  An audible gasp came out of my mouth that was loud enough to concern the family sitting around me.  “What’s wrong!” they asked.  I sat in stunned silence staring to the computer screen.  “Tickets on United to get to Orlando have gone down.” I stuttered.  For some reason though, no one understood my joy.

I quickly grabbed a piece of paper and started scribbling down numbers, trying to figure out if I had the money to book today, before the rates began to climb again.  Madly I moved funds from alternate bank accounts, my heart was racing, my hand shook as my fingers flew across the keyboard.  My family laughed at me, while watching what they surely thought was Mom having a nervous break down.   And then, in a moment… success!   I was booked for every flight I needed for the rest of 2011, and I had paid $600 less than what the costs were last time I had checked.

If you're looking to fly out of O'Hare Airport on United Airlines, head out to the website and check your flights today. 

I haven’t been able to find the magic bullet for getting the best price on a flight.  I’ve read up on the subject and as best I can tell you might as well be pulling your ticket cost out of a hat.   Today however I feel like I won a little lottery.  I’ve confirmed my flights for our Disney Dream Vacation in May and for Food and Wine Festival in September/ October.   It always feels more real once I get my flights booked.  I can’t wait!  I’m going to Disney World!

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