Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Night Fab

I made a stop at the local wine shop to see if I could find some fun sparkling wine to try.  The Barefoot Bubbly Rose' Cuvee' I reviewed in December was fun and fruity, so I thought I would see what else was out there.  I came home with a bottle of  Yellow Tail Bubbles Rose'.  I hoped that I would enjoy the wine, but  what really intrigued me about this bottle was the resealable cap.  Good thing I bought it for the cap.

At $8.99 for the bottle it wasn't a great loss that I was less than impressed by this wine.  It had slow, large bubbles compared to the Barefoot Bubbly Rose' and the Yellow Tail went flat in my glass before I was done drinking it.  The aroma is nice with grapefruit and flowers, but the flavor just falls short.  In the nose there is a promise of fruity goodness, in my mouth it dried out and lost any umph it could have had.  Yellow Tail Bubbles Rose' seemed like it wanted to be a bright sweet wine, but it was more like a grim shadow.  Overall my husband and I were bored, bored, bored. 

The star of this show by far is the Zork Resealable Cap on the bottle, which the Hubs thought may work on other bottles as well.  We sadly discovered that it wouldn't fit the spare bottle that we tried out the theory on.  It breaks my heart when I don't finish a bottle of bubbly before it goes flat.  I really hope that more bubbly makers follow suit and invest in this awesome new bottle closure.

The Drinks Report also has some great information on the Zork.  Nectar Tasting Room and Wine Blog has a video that demonstrates how the new Zork cap works.  We will note here that he calls people like me who don't finish a bottle in a night weird.  I'm okay with that. :D  As a full time Mom, I don't have a lot of opportunities to finish off a bottle of bubbly on my own.  One must stay on their toes you know.   

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