Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Twitterpated Date Night

Last night my husband and I had the fabulous opportunity for a rare date night, and attended a screening of Bambi at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.  As a D23 member I have the opportunity to attend exclusive member events that take place coast to coast, but this was my first opportunity to enjoy a fan filled evening close to home.

There was a winter storm warn that loomed over the night, but we climbed into the car for the two hour drive to Chicago.  It was a easy trip and the weather held out, we arrived in the very windy city several hours before the event.  Together we spent the time exploring Michigan Avenue and the Water tower Place Mall.  We at dinner at Wow Bao, which is a great fast food experience.  They serve soft, warm dumplings filled with steamy Asian goodness.  I hadn’t had steamed bbq pork dumplings since I was a child and these really hit the spot.  It was my husbands first time having Bao and he was just as delighted. 

After we ate we walked over to the Museum of Contemporary Art to join the crowd of Disney fans that were gathering in the lobby.  I checked us in at the desk and was give an adorable Bambi plush and some seed packets.  We milled around a bit and I was excited to meet Jeffery, who is widely known as the Official D23 Disney Geek.  Jeffrey is friendly and charming with energy to spare, his enthusiasm is contagious.  We discussed the hope for more Chicago events, and that sadly Jeffery will not be down in WDW for  the Social Media Moms weekend.

We took our seats in the theater and settled in for the screening.  The room was filled with adults and children that were just as excited as I was.  I amused myself before the film started by counting all the different Mickey purses around the room.  We found the film to be hauntingly beautiful, but not a movie that would be appreciated by most children.  Bambi’s impressionistic art and classical music created a sweeping view of the circle of life from a perspective of the forest and it’s creatures. With only 900 words of dialog the overwhelming message is that man does not belong in the forest and brings death and destruction wherever he goes.

After the screening we were treated to a question and answer session with the voice of young Bambi and a Disney Animator.  Geordon, being the tech geek he is, was enthralled with new technology which was on display in the lobby.  The Blu-ray & DVD Diamond Edition of Bambi will be in stores everywhere on March 1st.  This release hails Disney’s first DVD Blu-ray movie to incorporate the fantastic Second Screen technology.  Driven by a set of audio fingerprints, Second Screen allows the viewer to experience exciting interactive extras that come alive on their laptop or iPad in sync with what’s happening during the movie.  The new Second Screen technology was cool  enough that Geordon says we be buying a Blu-ray system soon.

Overall we had a wonderfully twitterpated date night with Bambi. Our thanks to Walt Disney Studios and D23, who brought this fun member event to Chicago.  It was a great night and I look forward to attending more D23 events in the future.

Next week you’ll be able to read more details about the my trip to see Bambi on The Disney Driven Life.

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