Monday, March 14, 2011

3 More Sleeps, 3 Things That I Can't Leave Without

Twitter is all a buzz with tweets about getting ready for Disney Social Media Moms.  The girls are shopping, and primping, and packing with excitement for the day that they leave.  Folks are chatting with each other about what to wear and everything that they should bring along.  With the exception of my dress and a chiffon shirt, I’m all packed and ready to go.  My hair has been cut and colored, my nails are done, and I’m running over with anticipation.  4:30am Thursday morning just can’t get here fast enough!  Continuing my countdown to Disney Social Media Moms, today we celebrate only three more sleeps before I leave. I thought that I would share with you three things that I can’t leave home without.

Cold/Allergy Medicine – It’s always wise to pack your medications but people don’t realize how often a climate change will affect them.  I know from experience that I can’t head down to Florida without a box of Dayquil and Nyquil in my suitcase.  This past October I was talking with a gift shop clerk at the hotel and discovered that they run through a TON of allergy medication.  Lots of people head for warmer weather and end up with the sniffles.  Though the hotel gift shops at WDW carry a small selection of cold/allergy medications your choices are slim, it sells out fast, and they charge you an arm and a leg.  Be smart, pack your favorite sniffles remedy in you bag before leaving home.

Flip Flops or Crocs – My mother always insisted that we wear good sturdy shoes while touring the parks, which isn’t a bad idea given the amount of walking that is done.  However if sturdy shoes aren’t what your feet are used to wearing, they can do more harm than good.  I’m not a fan of shoes, it’s sort of like putting my feet in jail.  I am a flop flops girl.  This past year I spent the money to buy a really nice pair of flip flops with a little arch support and a firm sole.  They fit me like a dream, and I’ll be able to walk for hours in them.  If you don’t usually wear flip flops, I still suggest packing a cheap pair so that your feet are protected on your way down to the pool, or when you have to make a quick run for the hotel snack bar. 

My electronics bag – I know that most people like to disconnect when they go on vacation, but one of the things that I enjoy most is sharing my experience with you!  I wouldn’t dream of leaving without being able to stream the view from my room, upload pictures, tweet and post the exciting things that happen while I’m in Walt Disney World.  This vacation will see the addition of flip video (which I won’t have time to process until I get home) and mobile blogging.  I love reading trip reports and looking at pictures from others, this is the way that I can give back to you, my readers. For Disney Social Media Moms it’s especially important for me to share, since my family will be at home.  Stay connected, and share the magic. 

If you're looking for even more Disney trip reports, check out the Blog Roll of Disney Social Media Moms that I added to the right hand column!  I'm not the only one headed for fun and adventure.

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  1. Hi Kristen! Have been following you on Twitter, but just now found your blog! Look forward to reading more, especially about DisneySMM happenings! Please visit me at ttowntiffany.blogspot.com when you get a chance!