Thursday, March 24, 2011

Disney Blog Hop Today!

Welcome to the DVC Mom Blog where life is what happens when Cinderella grows up.  It's Thursday and I'm co-hosting the Disney Blog Hop with the phenomenal Babes in Disneyland.  Grab your mouse ears and join the jamboree as we explore the wonderful world of Disney blogs!   

Follow the links to visit each of the blogs who have signed up, comment on their posts and let them know you've been by.  Follow them through Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  If you are new to this Disney Blog Hop, here's the "rules":
  • This blog hop is for Disney-related blogs, whether you blog about the parks, animations, a specific character, Disney corporate, etc.  If you are a blogger who covers Disney, feel free to enter, but be sure to enter a URL that directly sends readers to your Disney-taged posts.  All of you Disney Social Media Moms should definitely link up...
  • Enter your blog in the linky below.
  • Check out the other blogs and follow them through Google Friend Connect, on Facebook, etc.  Just let 'em know you checked them out and like what they are doing.  We all like to know we have new readers.
  • ***optional*** Welcome new readers to your blog!  Each week we do something a little bit different.  Since I didn't set anything up for this week, a general welcome will do.  
  • Also optional, please consider posting the Disney Blog Hop button on your blog or web site so that we can spread the word.  It would also be great if you wouldn't mind tweeting about the blog hop so that more Disney blogs with participate.
  • Most of all Have fun!


  1. Thanks for co-hosting this week. The Disney Blog Hop is FUNtabulous!!

  2. Thanks for co-hosting! Adding you to my RSS feed.

  3. I just started my Disney blog last week... I got hooked on several blogs I've come across (lucky for me you are all linked) and thought I'd start one of my own to share my experiences. I'd love for you to check it out.
    Looking forward to your next post :-)