Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One More Sleep... HA! Who Can Sleep?

I'm so excited to be leaving for my first ever blog conference, and that it's being held at Walt Disney World is just icing on the cake. Now, I never really sleep well, but the next 4 nights are going to be a joke! Sleep!? We don't need no stinkin' sleep!

Last night I got to bed at 11pm, woke up at 1am, at 3am, and then gave up on the whole sleep idea when I woke for the last time at 6am. Tonight, I have to wake up at 3am, because my town car will be here at 4:30am. Have I mentioned how much I hate living so far away from my airport? Yes, yes, I know that there is one in Rockford, but trying to get a flight on your terms is a joke. That means it's a long car ride to O'Hare for me, and if I want to get to Florida at a decent hour, I need to leave home at "Ooooh My God It's Early!" Not much sleep going on tonight.

I have a REALLY hard time sleeping in hotel rooms and usually just end up passing out from exhaustion at some point on my second night. LoL... but there's extra Magic hours all over the place, Magic Kingdom until 1am, Epcot until midnight. Who the heck is going to be sleeping!?

Mr. Sandman, you are just going to have to wait until I get home on Sunday night to catch up with me. Sugar and Caffeine, you're my new best friends!! I've got the Starbucks Via packed, and might as well main line it. Walt Disney World.. here I come!!

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  1. If I didn't love you I'd....Oh, never mind. I love you like crazy and I can't wait to see your stream from the GF. Have a wonderful time and don't forget about me! I'll be sending you lots of love and good wishes from clinical tomorrow morning.