Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dealing with Post Vacation Blues

The more my family travels, the more difficult it seems to be to return home from vacation. The let down of dealing with every day life and it’s drudgery can be depressing. It’s important to learn how to cope with re-entry into your everyday life when the maid is gone, the monorail isn’t your main source of transportation, and the landscaping isn’t magically done overnight.

Castle from Main Street
It's the Journey
Understand the joys of vacation as valid parts of your life. Your trip is not a trinket that was bought and then disposed of. The memories and experiences you have while traveling become a part of you and shape who you are. When we appreciate what was and let it become a part of us, we carry that joy every day. You are a traveler, and it’s all about the journey. You may be home from your latest adventure, but there’s always a new path to take, and the next vacation to start planning.   When you acknowledge the dreaming and planning stages you've already started your next journey.  Sometimes the destination may be farther out than you would like, so look for the stepping stones along the way to boost your spirits.  How long until you can make ADRs?  When can you buy your plane tickets?  Is there anything great to buy now at the mall that will help you on your way?

Connect with people who share your interests, they’re probably dreaming and planning too. If you’re reading this you probably already do some of that. Look for other travelers to connect with online and in your local area. You can read trip reports on message boards, tweet about what’s going on now, and search through photostreams full of vacation pictures. Belonging to part of the greater Disney community may even open up whole new worlds of travel interests and opportunities for you. The following are just a few of my favorite Disney sites, where you can find a few of my favorite Disney people:
Integrate the best parts of your vacation into your routine existence. By doing this you bring home a little magic every day. Stop at the market and pick up some fresh squeezed OJ, or cook up some of your favorite Disney recipes in that cookbook you bought. Carry a momento with you, a touchstone that brings you back every time you see it. I have a small case that I keep my credit cards and id in, that I use every day. Many times it’s just routine for me to grab it and not really pay attention, but when I look down and see “Polynesian Village” written across it I always smile. It takes me back, just for a moment to when I bought it and how happy and relaxed I was on that vacation.

You can envision yourself enjoying the fun place as a stress reliever too. Studies have shown visualization to be an effective technique to reduce stress and improve your mood. Taking a few minutes each day to stop by your “happy place” with the power of your imagination can create a happier, more productive you.

Resort Marina
I love Palm Trees
What do you miss most about being on vacation? I've come to realize that one of the things that makes me happiest on vacation is palm trees. I don't get to see palm trees most of the year, and when I get off the plane in Orlando, they are one of the very first things that I look for.   How can you incorporate that into your career, social life, and living arrangement? My family has been talking about moving away from Rockford for years, but we had never quite agreed on where to go. We’ve looked at Arizona, California and even Virginia over the years.  Since we’ve been back from vacation this month we’ve been discussing Florida, this time everyone is onboard and there’s finally some real motivation to get a plan together. I’m not saying everyone should pick up and move; just because you move doesn’t mean your life is a vacation. I’m saying to use the joy you find on vacation to makes changes for the better that you keep putting off.

Most of all, don’t limit the happy times and things that bring you joy to vacation. Make an effort to add them to your everyday life and live in the magic.


  1. Great tips!! Coming back from vacation into the craziness of "real" life is never easy.

  2. Great post!! I always try to come back from vacation a day or two before I would need to return to work, so I can continue to savor some relaxing moments with my family. That usually helps me!