Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

A huge thank you today going out to all of my friends who are Veterans and their families. There is no greater sacrifice one can make than in service to their country. Those who support and protect this nation and it's people are never far from my heart. As a Navy Veteran and former Navy Wife I understand the struggles and triumphs that go with the life. Every day, not just today, I thank you, and am in constant awe of your commitment.

A special shout out to my friend Erica at GuideToMilitaryTravel.com who works hard every day to bring the best of travel information to Military families so that they can enjoy the sometimes rare times together when not on duty. It's so important for military families to make the most of every day and Erica makes sure that the have great leisure information about discounts and specials at their fingertips. The service men and women of this country give their all and get the job done, but I never had a harder job than when I was a Navy Wife. You are one of my everyday heros.

I was browsing through a scrap book this morning and thought that I would share a couple pictures with you. That's me, 18 years old, skinny, blonde, and straight out of boot camp. It seems like several lifetimes ago.



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