Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kristen & Erik’s Monorail Crawl

I’m usually the designated driver at home, or I have the kids with me and need to maintain a certain level of responsibility, so I don’t often drink much when we’re out. A part of the beauty of staying on property and having the WDW transportation system at my service is that I can join in any celebration with a glass of sparkling wine, or martini when I want one. Like many Disney fans, enjoying unique food & wine available at the Walt Disney World Resort is a huge part of my vacation. When I want to know what’s tasty and exciting I always turn to AJ Wolfe and the Disney Food Blog. One of the brilliant treats AJ suggests for those who like to imbibe is to try the Seven Seas Lagoon Monorail Crawl.

I decided to make our first activity of this 2011 land/ sea vacation be the Seven Seas Lagoon Monorail Crawl. Though the Magic Kingdom is a dry park, the main monorail line hits three of Disney’s top-notch resorts, and all of them include excellent restaurants and bars. So exactly how does one do a monorail crawl? It’s easy, just follow these simple directions
“When taking part in the Monorail Crawl, participants can begin at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Resort, or Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Have a drink at your starting point, then load up on the monorail and head to the next resort hotel.” [1]
Lapu Lapu
We started our crawl at the beautiful Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and after pouring a portion for the tiki gods we lifted a glass, or pineapple as the case may be, in Hawaiian style. Erik was born in Hawaii and love the feeling of the hotel.  We took a seat in the Tambu Tambu Lounge and ordered up a Lapu Lapu.  Arriving in it's signature pineapple cam dark rum, Bacardi 151, and pineapple juice.  It was strong an really hit us quickly.  My understanding is that the joke is Lapu Lapu is Hawaiian for hangover!  I'm not so sure I could drink one of these on my own, it was probably the strongest drink I've ever had, but I will totally order one again.

Magical Star Cocktail
Next we hopped on monorail teal and journeyed to Mizner’s Lounge at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. My favorite part of this lounge is that between 4PM and 10PM there’s a live jazz band that plays in the lobby of the hotel, just outside the lounge. You can sit in the soft comfortable chairs of Mizner’s lounge looking out the window and watch the lights begin to twinkle at twilight while enjoying some great music and lovely sparkling wine.  There was a wedding party in the lounge celebrating as well, all the women looked lovely in their gowns, and the flower girl was adorable.  As I drank my glass of Rosa Reagle I really missed the Donahues and the Barretts who I had last had a drink with in Mizner's.  Erik ordered the craziest cocktail that came with a color changing light up ice cube, it was called a Magical Star Cocktail.  You couldn't taste the alcohol at all in the Magical Star and it was delish!

IMG_0111After our stop at the Grand Floridian we hopped onto monorail silver and made our way around the lagoon, past the Magic Kingdom, and on to Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Instead of just popping in to the Outer Rim Lounge, we headed up to the top of this iconic hotel for dinner and drinks at the California Grill.  Dinner here was absolutely amazing and will be getting it's own post to fully pay honor to it's culinary genius.  I was having a little trouble wrapping my head around having yet another drink, but I was determined to finish the crawl and ordered up a lovely glass of Californian Gewürztraminer, and Erik had a glass of Kaiun Junmai Ginjyo Sake. 

It was a fun and fantastic way to relax and enjoy the first night of vacation.

This post was featured in the Disney Blog Carnival #21

[1] http://blog.touringplans.com/2010/03/09/disney-world-monorail-crawl/
Disclaimer: 2011 Land/Sea Vacation was paid for and scheduled by DVCMom. I am not a Disney employee nor do I speak for the company.  All activities, reviews and opinions expressed on this website are entirely my own.


  1. What a cool idea!! I never would have thought of this. I think my husband and I may have to incorporate this into our night out (when our son stays in with his grandparents!) when we go to WDW in November! Thanks for sharing! That Magic Star Cocktail looks really fun.

  2. It sounds like the crawl was a success! I'm headed to California Grill in a few weeks to kick off the first night of my honeymoon... I can't WAIT to read your review and see what you ordered! Thanks for sharing

  3. Sounds like a blast! Wish the hubby were coming on this trip, this would be right up our alley!

  4. Sounds like a super fun way to spend a night!

  5. I wouldn't have been able to walk!!! :) I Enjoyed this post! Thanks!