Wednesday, May 4, 2011

La Cantina de San Angel

Mexico - World Showcase - Epcot
Counter Service

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo ( which is actually tomorrow, but why not?)we thought we would eat lunch at the quick service La Cantina de San Angel at the Mexico Pavilion. We grabbed a table on the beautiful new deck that offers one of the very best views of World Showcase around and I sent Erik to order our food. We had the Deluxe Dining Plan for this trip and this meal cost us 1 Credit per person, for an entrée, non-alchoholic drink, and dessert.

100_3394Tacos de Carne are grilled beef tacos served on fresh handmade corn tortillas with Pico de Gallo, lime and corn tortilla chips.  The meat is smoked beautifully in these tacos and was quite delicious with the pico.

I adore Empanadas of all sorts, so the Empanadas de Queso were a must to try. Fried fresh corn masa filled with Chihuahua cheese topped with a green sauce were served served with corn tortilla chips.  It seemed to me like the grease in the fryer wasn't quite hot enough when they cooked these, yet the cheese was melty and very tasty.  Erik enjoyed them very much and thought the green sauce may have been the best ever.

100_3393Churros are a must have snack for many visitors to Disney, so I thought they would be an excellent dessert. The Churros con Cajeta serves here are crispy cinnamon goodness served up with a thin caramel milk.

This was our first stop in “Drinking Around the World” and even though I'm not a tequila girl we decided to start off with a Lime Margarita.  Mid-day heat + tequila = Kristen was sick by 3pm and wanting to go back to the hotel.  Yummy drink, not so greta for me.  Can we say "lightweight?"

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  1. all that food sounds and looks so yummy! sooo jealous!

  2. Food sounds super yummy!! That's my fear of drinking around the world too! Hope you've recovered and are feeling better today.