Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Castaway Cay Jet Ski Adventure

Conquering my fear of fish?Going to Castaway Cay was a big adventure for me, you see, I’m afraid of fish. Snorkeling and swimming in the ocean just didn’t sound all that fun with the very real possibility of bumping up against some sort of sea creature and getting the heck scared out of me. Danger signs posted as you enter the beach area didn’t help that phobia any. As you can see from the picture though, once I started wading in, I managed to get far enough out that I had to swim. I didn’t encounter any frisky sea creatures around me either, though Erik saw a stingray swim by as well as some fish. The clear blue water wasn’t what I would call warm, but it was refreshing and comfortable.

After our brief swim, we headed over to the boat beach to head out on our jet ski (I kept confusing people by calling then wave runners) adventure. This was so much fun! I would book another cruise just to get to go out and play on the jet skis again.  The cost for this guided tour was $95 per person for a single rider, if you have control issues, the single rider is the way to go.  I think that I would have been terrified hanging on to the back of Erik across the waves, and if one of the kids had been with me I would have been worried the whole time that they might fall off, especially since I wasn't an experienced rider.  We were given a 10 minute safety talk and informed that we would have with us two guides, as well as a safety boat that would trail behind.  Other than that they just let you go and you follow the rider in front of you, staying at least 50 feet away from their craft.  Though this is considered a guided tour, it's only guided in the reasoning that you follow the guide, for those of us in the back of the line though, there were times that the guide was a good half to a mile in front of us.

Jet ski group heading out to sea :-)

We headed off the boat beach and out into the sea, and right around the shore until we were on the Serenity Bay side of the Cay. I must admit that when we first got out past the lagoon it was a little scary, the water was dark and it was choppy. Still figuring out how to handle the jet ski I encountered a couple of waves that engulfed the entire front of my machine. I kept repeating the instructions from on shore over and over in my head that I needed to hold down the throttle if I wanted to have any control of the jet ski. After a minute or two I got it together and moved forward at a comfortable speed trying to catch up with our group.

On a jet ski in the CaribbeanOnce we had gotten around to the Serenity Bay side of the island, we took a left out into open waters and toward the neighboring little patch of land. In this spot the waters were fairly shallow an dthe sea was more calm. The waters we were skimming across sparkled like jewels yet it splashed all around me and reached as far as the eye could see. Growing up on Lake Michigan I never dreamed that water could really be such magnificent colors of turquoise and aquamarine. It sparkled and danced along side us as we rode across the waves.

We took a short break out in the water and gathered the group together as our guide free dove to bring up some beautiful orange starfish.  Everyone who wanted to got to hold and touch the starfish before it was time for us to head back towards the boat beach.  On the way back our guide took off at full speed and it was up to us to catch up with him and get ourselves "home".  I figured out fairly quickly that the faster I went the bumpier ride I was going to have.  The thought cam into my head that I needed to post like I was riding a horse, and I was able to handle the jumps across the waves.  Indeed "Mom caught air."  The fast race was fun and exciting, but also exhausting for someone who had never before driven one of the watercraft (not to mention my screaming quads, obviously I need to do more squats) so after awhile I just slowed down.  I could see my destination so I left go a bit on the throttle and took a more leisurely pace back towards the ship.  Overall it was the most fun I've ever had on the water and I will be booking this fun excursion again on my next cruise!
Erik jet ski-ing across the most magnificent water anywhere.


  1. Sounds like a great time!!! What a fun way to explore and get a break from all the other people. How far out did you have to book your excursion to get a spot?

  2. Look at that beautiful water! So jealous right now... but I think I may have said that a lot over your last few posts... ;-)