Monday, May 9, 2011

Senses Spa & Salon

I had decided that during part of this cruise I would try and force myself to relax a bit, so I pre-ordered us rainforest day passes to enjoy some time at the Senses Salon & Spa.  Only 35 passes are given per day to the Rainforest, to ensure the tranquility of your time there.  This exclusive retreat allows one to rejuvenate while enjoying quiet and the beauty of the ocean.

The rainforest-themed aromatherapy steam room and sauna are available to guests over the age of 18, and are not included with the price of the cruise, but are a reasonably priced escape at $19 per person. The facilities include three different types of saunas/steam rooms where “guests can discover the benefits of steam, heat and hydrotherapy combined with the power of aromatherapy to relax the mind and body. Specialized areas within the Rainforest room include a Hamam (steam bath), a Caldarium (steam room) and Laconium (dry sauna).”  [1] I most enjoyed the scent in the Hamam, it was sweet and floral, yet somehow recalled a dessert sand.  I think that I may get a length of cruise pass to the spa for our next trip.  Though the spa tubs in the adult area are very nice, there was something about this semi-private tranquility of the spa that swept me away.

Photo Credit: Diana Zalucky for Disney

After a relaxing time steaming, then reclining on warmed mosaic tile chairs, and soaking in the whirlpool hot tubs on a private deck with expansive ocean views I decided to make try some of the four different shower experiences offered. These truly are immersive sensory experiences with multiple types of water streams hitting you, lighting cues, sounds, and scents that envelope you with waves of the “Atlantic Ocean”, “Mediterranean Rains” or a “Caribbean Storm”. [2]

Photo Credit: Kent Phillips for Disney
Erik was unsure at first about the rainforest passes, he thought “sitting in a room and getting moist” sounded really boring, what he really enjoyed though was relaxing on the heated tile lounge chairs overlooking  the beautiful ocean view.  While we were at the Senses Spa, he indulged in his first  professional shave, the Elmis Express Shave. This shave and "treatment includes a deep cleansing exfoliation and a double close shave to leave your skin super smooth." [1]  I look forward to sharing his experience with you as he writes his companion  guest posts. 

Update August 2011: Erik's post is up!  Discover why the Senses Salon and Spa isn't just for Girls. We're also pleased to report that Conde' Nast Traveler honored Senses as one of the best Spas at Sea!

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[2] http://travelonadream.wordpress.com

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  1. It looks beautiful! Glad you enjoyed yourself.