Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Travel Day Red Carpet

ORD United Red Carpet Club
We arrived at Chicago’s O’hare airport at 7:00 on this frosty May morning. 35 degrees in May, really Chicago, WTF?   Anyhow... After checking our bags with the sky cap and breezing through security we made our way to a little oasis where we could wait in comfort for our flight to board.  I think Erik was a little surprised at how easily it all went.  Since we had added Premier Travel to our airline tickets, we were able to relax and enjoy the wait in the United Airlines Red Carpet Club. Centrally located 30 of United’s busiest airports travelers with access to the Clubs are welcome to enjoy a complimentary breakfast and beverages including a selection of beer, wine and spirits as they relax with complimentary Wi-Fi, morning papers, magazines and ample laptop outlets.

We had a bit of trouble checking into the lounge.  Access came with my ticket upgrade, however it wasn't scanning on my boarding pass.  The woman was friendly enough, but frustrated and apparently the fact my boarding pass said "Premier" didn't matter to her.  Ultimately she let us in while grousing that United put the cart before the horse with allowing the upgrades.

The lounge was comfortable and quiet with cushy chairs and more than ample outlets to use.  We settled in and grabbed a nosh in the plush, quiet location.  "Breakfast" is available, in the form of cereal, toast, fruit juice and coffee.  A full service bar is also in the lounge with limited complimentary service.  I relaxed a bit and wrote this post so I could share even more of the experience with you.  My traveling companion found it to be a little warm for his taste, but I am very comfortable.  He's also having difficulty connecting to the free Wi-Fi on his phone, however I'm logged in on my computer without any problem. We seem to be having two different experiences even though we're sitting next to each other.  About 9:15 we'll  be headed to our gate, for our flight to Disney!  I can't wait to get back to that Florida sunshine.

Our access to the club was through United’s Primer Travel Program but you can buy a yearly membership in the Red Carpet Club, or simply give it a try by purchasing a one-time pass online for just $39 and enjoy entry into any Red Carpet Club location worldwide.  I don't know that the services of the lounge are enough for me to ever consider becoming a red carpet club member for all of my travels, perhaps if I traveled more often, however it was a very nice addition to this trip.  I will at least consider this upgrade package again in the future especially if traveling with anyone who has an anxiety disorder. The peacefulness of the lounge was a great escape in one of the country's busiest airports.

UPDATE: Wow... I'm now sitting in Orlando International's Red Carpet Club and it is *SO* much nicer than the one we were in in Chicago last week.  This is really swank and they have so much more in the way food & beverage options.  Total bonus and more than worthwhile here in Orlando.

Disclaimer: 2011 Land/Sea Vacation was paid for and scheduled by DVCMom. I am not a United employee nor do I speak for the company. All activities, reviews and opinions expressed on this website are entirely my own.


  1. Looking forward to more updates! Safe travels to you both!

  2. Safe travels! Sorry you had to deal with the un-Disney-like person giving you a hassle.