Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2009 Jam Jar Shiraz

IMG_0806Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz (like jazz) is a fresh, fruity, semi-sweet red wine that fills the gap between those deep tannic reds that my husband likes and cloying dessert like reds that I'm fonder of.  The grapes are grown in Paarl Region of South Africa, where it's Rhône-like climate is ideal for cultivation of the Shiraz grape.  Jam Jar showcases blueberries, blackberries in taste, but it's sweetness is tempered with acidity so that it's not cloying or gooey in your mouth. There is a hint of tannin in the finish, yet it doesn't unpleasantly dry out the palette.  Easy and enjoyable to sip on it's own, Jam Jar matches up equally well with a cheeseburger as it does dessert.

I've read many reviews of Jam Jar that say it's too sweet, but as a wine drinker that doesn't usually like dark, oaky, tannic reds; I really enjoyed this wine as a happy medium.  It's not the super sweet syrup that I have found in many "sweet reds", rather it's an enjoyable red wine that helps bridge the gap between what I frequently drink and what my husband prefers.  This is a bottle of wine that we can both enjoy.  In Rockford, IL you can pick up a bottle of Jam Jar for about $10

Jam Jar Shiraz is another Disney wine find that you can easily find a bottle of at home as well. If you're at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge you can pick up a bottle of Jam Jar in the Zawadi Marketplace where Disney merchandise mingles with fabulous art and wine gems straight from the African Continent.  Enjoying bottle of Jar Jar Sweet Shiraz on the balcony while enjoying sunset over the savannah is a relaxing way to finish your day.

**update** seems that me saying that the correct pronunciation "like jazz" is controversial [thanks for the emails] I have been told in the past by winemakers that "like jazz" is correct.  M-W.com says differently and has an "oz" pronunciation for the word "Shiraz".  Either way it's a wine worth trying, so don't worry about your speech and just enjoy a glass. :-)


  1. Great review, K! Did you chill the Jam Jar at all? I find I enjoy it much more when it is slightly chilled. DH prefers it at a traditional red temp, though.

  2. I like it both ways, I think it has a bigger berry flavor when it's at room temp though.