Monday, June 20, 2011

Chicago's Whitehall Hotel

IMG_0763Hurricane Dad and I stopped by to spend the night at the DVC Concierge Collection Hotel in Chicago.  The Whitehall Hotel is a boutique property with a fabulous location that DVC Members can stay at for about 50 points a night (we booked on cash for $262 including parking and breakfast).  Just off the magnificent mile and around the corner from Chicago's Historic Water Tower, the Whitehall is at the heart of shopping and dinning in the city.   We left the car with the valet and checked in.  A little jaded perhaps, and obviously used to the grandeur of Disney Resorts because the cramped little lobby of this historic building gave me a bit of pause.  The photos were taken of the lobby with me standing in the same spot looking two directions.  The antiques were lovely, but it could have used a touch up to the paint job.   A line of three families waiting to check in seemed to fill the room to capacity, through the door and around a corner were hallways that connected the restaurant to the hotel, and just past the elevator was the concierge desk.  The staff was friendly and attentive, and we received a complimentary upgrade to our room.

IMG_0762  IMG_0761

The attendant in the tiny elevator pushed the button for us and it creaked and shook as it lifted us up to the 21st floor of the building.  We had been put in the Delaware Suit for our stay.  It was a beautiful suite with two full bathrooms, a bedroom with a king sized bed, and a living/dining area.  The classic furnishings made it feel more like we were in an apartment than in a hotel.  DVC members staying at the Whitehall are greeted with a plate of fresh berries and chocolate truffles that accompanies a welcome note from the concierge staff.  Each room had it's own thermostat to control the temperature, it was quite warm when we arrived but cooled down very quickly when we adjusted it to our preference.

The suit had an elegant apartment like feel.



Wireless Internet is $9.95 per 24 hour period. 

This was the most amazing bed with a featherbed topper and
a down comforter and pillows, it was like sleeping on a cloud.
The beautiful granite countertop had garnet inclusions. 

City views aren't always the best, but we had this adorable
rooftop garden to look at.  It seemed to be a chef's herb garden.


In the morning room service delivered an exceptional continental breakfast, once again the staff was attentive and friendly.  The pastries were warm and tasted like they were just baked, the croissant had been made with real butter, and the coffee was delicious.  It was the perfect little pick me up while we were getting dressed to head out for the day.  After a call to the valet to pick up our car, checking out was also simple and easy.  The staff, once again, was exceptionally attentive, as the desk clerk helped us wrap some steamware for safe travels home, and gave us a map to help us find our way to the theater.

I don't know that I would spend 50 DVC points a night to stay there unless I had no other choice.  Booking on cash was a much more economical for us, and we'll still have those points to use on vacation. However, overall we had a lovely evening at the Whitehall hotel.  It's a nice historic boutique property with a highly attentive staff and extremely comfortable rooms.

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Disclaimer: Our stay at the Whitehall hotel was paid for and scheduled by DVCMom.  All activities, reviews and opinions expressed on this website are entirely my own.


  1. Great review!! My family are new DVC members and one of the reasons I was able to sell my husband on the membership is the fact we can use the points at places other than Disney. We love Chicago and hope to go out there on a baseball trip in a year or two. This may be a good option for us! Thanks!

  2. Great review and I like your pics. Very interesting about the apartment layout!

  3. Great review and pictures!! The view was great! A little too fancy for our taste but for a night it might be fun to live "fancy" :)

  4. Excellent, balanced review! The Whitehall Hotel looks very nice indeed. I love learning about new places to stay in the US. We have not been to Chicago yet, but we visit the States about 3 or 4 times each year. Chicago is on our list! Thank you for sharing your review of the Whitehall Hotel with The Weekend Roundup.