Thursday, June 23, 2011

Enough with the lazies!!

I went to the doctor for a check up earlier this week and was faced with a cruel fact that no, Kirk hadn’t screwed up my laundry when my pants didn’t fit last week.  What happened is that I’ve gained 10 pounds so far this year.  Bleck… I’m so not okay with that, but I also have really been eating a TON of junk food, and not working out at all.  Seriously.  I think I went walking three times since the 5K last October.  Laziness and a sweet tooth were taking over my life once again.  Alright so enough of that!

For the past three days Tori (my oldest daughter) and I have been back to the gym.  Our goal is to go every day for the next month in order to recreate the habit, and then we’ll probably taper off to every other day towards the end of July.  Food, well, no more sweets in the house.  If I go out to get something I’ll deal with that but NOTHING sweet, gooey, baked or chocolaty is coming home from my nemesis, the grocery store bakery.  Today's work out kicked my butt, but tomorrow is Yoga day and I love that class.  I might even like to look into taking some classes through Online Education, maybe I'll even look into gaining an online nutrition degree.

I’m already registered for the Halloween 5K in Walt Disney World on October  1st, so I need to get back in shape for that race through Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Lest I be left behind for Lion food….

  • You can track my progress on Daily Mile, there’s even a cute little widget right there in my side bar. 
  • You can also find my work outs posted on RunKeeper profile.   

I'm not going to eat them though... promise...

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  1. Good luck Kristen! I need to follow your example. I've wanted to loose "baby" weight and considering my youngest is almost 5 it's about time to make that happen. I started the Couch 2 5k but Disney trips, bad weather and a back injury threw off my routine. I really need to get back on track sooner than later. Can't wait to hear about your progress!