Thursday, June 2, 2011

Join the Celebration!

Over the years the Disney Company has gotten rid of some of my favorite things. One of them being the monthly Disney Magazine that used to be published. It was the very first periodical I subscribed to when I left home. It was long before everyone hopped online for the latest news and information and I can remember how excited and happy that I was every month when I opened my mail box to see those beautiful pages with all the latest buzz. As with many things in the Disney Company time didn’t prove kind to the concept and eventually they stopped publishing the magazine, and my mailbox has hungered for a Disney treat.

Friends over the years have suggested that I try this or that publication, but none have lit my imagination again like the old Disney Magazine I loved so much. Being a regular and long time listener of WDW Radio, I had heard about Celebrations Magazine, however I just wasn’t sure that a fan based publication was what I wanted. Somewhere in my head were memories of flimsy fan newsletters from the 80’s with bad writing that never broke ground or really made me dream. Let me tell you…. I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

At once, when I was given a copy of March/April 2011 issue of Celebrations Magazine, I was struck by the high quality materials and substantial size. My manners getting away from me, I gasped and said, “This is like a real magazine!” How rude right? Because this isn’t anything “like” a magazine, it is completely the real deal. In fact with heavy, glossy paper that shows amazing color on the full graphic layout, it was 84 pages of one of the most visually stunning periodicals that I have read. Intelligent writing fills the pages with regular features from Disney experts such as Lou Mongello, Steve Barrett, and Tim Devine just to name a few.

Inside each issue of Celebrations you’ll find:

  • "The latest news from Disney
  • Upcoming events at the parks and resorts
  • Feature articles and exclusive interviews
  • Great moments in Disney history
  • Spotlight features highlighting attractions, resorts and beloved films past and present
  • Hidden treasures and magical moments
  • Fun & games, scavenger hunts, mystery photos, the Celebrations Kids Korner, and more!"

Celebrations Magazine sparked my imagination; it took me down memory lane with its history and offered up great ideas and activities for my family to explore during our next Disney vacation. At $5.99 per issue or $29.99 for a yearly subscription of 6 issues it’s a bargain to put some Disney magic back in the mail. If you’re looking for a way to add a little pixie dust at home and keep that vacation feeling alive, I highly recommend you give Celebrations Magazine a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Visit Celebrations Online at

Disclaimer: Celebrations Magazine gave me a complementary copy of the March/April 2011 issue to review. My daughter was then given the subscription card (by me) and told what a wonderful 40th Birthday gift it would be for Mom.

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