Friday, June 3, 2011

Spreading the fan love...


There's a house here in Rockford that has Mickey icons on their driveway gate. I love going past the house because their landscapers could work at Epcot and the work that they put into a display everyone driving by will enjoy is beyond compare. At Christmas time I had sent them one of our cards, because it was DIsney themed, and I wrote them a little poem saying how much I love their gates and that their house makes me smile every time I drive by. Yesterday in the mail I received a surprise post card from them spreading the Disney fan love.

I scanned the front of the postcard to pass on a little more Disney joy to you my readers. I LOVE getting post cards from Disney, if you're going and would be willing to add me to your mailing list, I'll scan it and share it with everyone!  Email me at DVCMom and I'll send you my address.

1 comment:

  1. How cool!! Great idea to send them a Christmas card :)

    I would be more than happy to send you postcards from Disney. You can email or DM me your address ;)