Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disney's Senses Salon & Spa isn't just for the Girls

Erik and his Magical StarI'm thrilled to welcome Erik Hilton to the team here at The DVC Mom Blog. Erik was my traveling companion for the May Land/Sea vacation, and is a DVC Owner.  He will be joining our regular team as a gaming and entertainment contributor.  Today he shares his thoughts with you on his first spa experience, which took place at the Disney Cruise Line's award winning Senses Salon & Spa. ~Kristen

Going on my first cruise, I decided to make it all about things I had never experienced. More than just new foods and exotic locations, I booked my very first shave. You have to understand that growing up without a father figure and have bristles that have been compared to porcupine needles; it was a no brainer that I went the route of an electric shaver. Showing up at the spa, I realized that I arrived with two pre-conceived ideas: the first was that I would be getting a shave from a guy and second that the shave was going to be from a straight razor. I guess after years of media induced barbershops, this was how I saw things. So armed with these assumptions, and a few others, I walked in and was pleasantly surprised that none of them held up.

Rainforest Rooms PhotoCredit: Disney

For all its snooty spa looks, everyone was very friendly… which I chalk up to the wonder of Disney magic. The girls’ behind the desk greeted me with genuine smiles, handed me a robe and showed me to the locker (changing) room. For the record, this was the nicest, cleanest locker I have ever been in, in my life. It was full of beautiful hardwood everywhere, so much so that I was almost too afraid to touch anything. Since I was early for my shave, I tried out the rainforest room which was about 50/50 for me. The room consisted of three aroma-therapy saunas of increasing heat which I enjoyed, three ‘rain’ rooms which I didn’t enjoy at all as the water was just freezing cold, a hot tub/Jacuzzi with an incredible view of the port and island. My favorite thing, however, was these ceramic heated lounge chairs. So relaxing, I think I actually got in a twenty minute nap before they came to get me for my shave.

Heated Lounges PhotoCredit: Disney

By far, the shave was one of the most relaxing experiences ever; warm towels, ice cold lotions, and gentle massages stand out in my mind. The girl took great care, making sure I was always comfortable and soothed. It was definitely an experience that I would not hesitate to do again. There was only one minor problem, a few hours after my shave that my skin turned bright red and burned for a couple days thereafter. Since I have never had a real shave in my life, up until that point, I don’t really have anything to point at as the cause. Maybe it was the razor, the lotion, the exfoliation, who knows. In the end, I still enjoyed the experience very much and next time I might even drop the extra money for the deluxe shave over the basic.

Please guys, do yourself a favor, if you find yourself on the Disney Dream (or any Disney cruise) please take the time to get pampered and get yourself a real shave.


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