Friday, July 8, 2011

Friends for Change Games

Kid's Scoreboard_Week 1

With a tween in the house you can be sure that our TV is frequently turned to the Disney Channel, and over the past week Katie (NDK 49) has been all wrapped up in the "Disney's Friends for Change Games"!  Disney always seems to know how to make the commercials and time inbetween shows fun.  This weekend (Fri 7/8 - Sun 7/10) is week 2 of the heated 5 week competition amongst some of her favorite Disney Stars and their counterparts from Disney Channel's Global Community. These fantastic kids are "competing to promote conservation and the power of coming together with friends and family to make a difference in one's community and the world." 

Katie has really been enjoying the "High Energy Dance Battle" where teams preform freestyle dance routines on a specially designed dance floor that turns the dancers moves into kinetic energy that can be stored and used as a power source! How cool is that!?

Katie's favorite team is the Red Team because she likes the cast members best.  Disney will be making a donation of $125,000 to each charity that the teams are playing for, and the winning team's charity will receive an additional $100,000 donation from Disney.
  • The Red Team and it's Captain Mitchel Musso, is currently in the lead as the fan favorites after week 1, and is competing to win money for the World Wildlife Fund.
  • The Blue Team with adorable Captain Debby Ryan is trying to make waves for the Ocean Conservancy.
  • The Green Team and it's Captain Brandon Mychal Smith (from So Random), is playing for Fauna and Flora International.
  • The Yellow Team's Captain is Bridgit Mendler, and she leads her group to fund UNICEF.
"Kids and families worldwide can visit Disney.com/projectgreen, to pledge actions they will take in their own lives that will make a difference and help the planet and play online versions of the games that take place during "Disney Friends for Change Games" and donate their earned points to their "Fan Favorite" team, and each of the three global region’s "Fan Favorite" will be awarded an additional $100,000 for their team's charity!"

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