Friday, July 15, 2011

A long week...

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a general life post.  That’s probably because things have been just swimming along nicely. However this week, I have had a very long week and I just need to vent a bit.  

Way to exciting activities have included the following comeuppance . Finances were already tight, then the power went out for 24 hours causing an unexpected hotel night and the loss of everything in the fridge.  We had to quickly obtain non-existent documents to get my daughter a state ID so she could start her job, then her employment was in question after the second day due to a mistake in the grant the company was given.  My husband had a lung doctor appointment from his March hospital stay.  I was faced with a serious infection and medication to fix it that has left me feeling ill.  My ex-husband got the date of my son’s return home wrong.  AND Geordon and I have a Blog conference to attend on Saturday in Chicago.   Oy vey… it’s been a very long week.

Tonight however things are feeling more stable.   The power is on, and for the most part I’ve caught up the bills (mostly).  I canceled my hotel for Chicago when DH and I decided to day-trip to the conference.  Victoria is an “official” adult with state ID, a voters registration card, and tax paperwork on file with her employer.  The employer, who decided to keep her on staff even though they lost the grant that they were paying her with.   I got the date straightened out for Kirk to come home and everyone is happy with it.  I went to the spa and got my nails done, my toes no longer look like zombie toes with purple pirate nails and have returned to my beloved OPI Bogada Blackberry.  This gave me time to think about nothing but myself and talk vacation.  The spot that I had which had gotten infected looks fantastic and is healing in a healthy and quick manner.  As of Thursday night, though I still feel icky, I feel less icky than the last three or four days. I poured myself a glass of wine, and was able to chill out on the couch for a much earned relaxing evening.

Thank god it’s Friday, I think I’ll take the family out to see Harry Potter.

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