Thursday, July 21, 2011

RN’t You Glad I Graduated?!

Me & Becks in Wisconsin
posing with the wrong mouse. 
I am so excited to welcome Bekah Pierce (soon to be Monzon) to the team here at The DVC Mom Blog.   A close friend for 10 years, Bekah and I have spent more than our fair share of time geeking out over the vast Disney Universe.   I am beyond excited to say that she has agreed to share her adventure through trip reports and restaurant reviews during her up-coming August Disney Vacation.  So put your virtual hands together and Tweet out a Disney-riffic welcome to Becks! ~Kristen

Who’s going?

Becks (That’s me!) 35 (turning 36) Graduate nurse, encore bride-to-be, mom of a teenager, main trip planner and fledgling trip reporter. I’ve lived in the big city for over a decade but grew up in California riding horses and chasing cows around, I’m shy but I’ll talk your ear off, my favorite color is pink but I’m not prissy and of course, I love me some Disney.  

C (34) - Computer dude, love of my life, future husband and general all around wonderful guy. Unashamedly cries at the end of Disney movies, is a veteran business traveler, doesn’t like to drive at night, can sleep literally anywhere, makes killer limeade and is a freakishly cheerful morning person – except on vacation. He gives me a giant hug and kiss first thing every morning. (I love that!) He’d also trip me in a race to be first in line at Earl of Sandwich – but he’d save me a spot so I guess that’s okay.

As one of our tram guides put it last summer – we’re the snooze button pushers. When we’re at Disney, we take it easy. We like to sleep in, we park in the back of the lot and we don’t do breakfast ADR’s. I have only ever seen the Welcome Ceremony at Magic Kingdom by accident! Evening Extra Magic Hours are where it’s at for us and I organize most of our dinners and touring plans around them.

Whose NOT Going

The Imp (13) Mostly darling son and typical surly teen-ager. He’s passionately devoted to his Xbox 360, Gears of War and all things HALO. He tries to hide the fact that he’s pretty darn smart and loves to read. He’s a mess and he eats everything in sight but he’s ours and we love him like crazy, even when he’s ticking us off. I am unashamedly shipping him off to California to spend time with his grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins.

 Why This Trip is Special

Hmm, let’s see…it’s my birthday and we’re getting married next year and OH YEAH! I graduated from nursing school in May. Finally! So this is our birthday/wedding planning/graduation trip. It’s also the first time C. and I have really traveled together just the two of us. I’m wavering between periods of “Yes! No kid!” and “I’m a bad mom for not taking him!”

First Time Stuff
This will be:
·      Our first time at Pop Century
·      Our first time participating in a ‘fridge swap
·      Our first visit to the Wedding Pavilion and Bridal Studio (Squee!)
·      Our first time eating at Yachtsman’s Steakhouse (likely venue for our wedding dinner), Crystal Palace and the “Nosh Heard Round the World.”
·      C’s first time at the Brown Derby and Fantasmic.

The Plan So Far…

This whole escapade got started when I received a Disney Pin Code email back in October. I was slogging my way through a truly hideous psychiatric & mental health nursing rotation and my spirits were lower than a well-diggers shoe. I remember sitting at my desk, reading the email and shrieking, “Why does Disney mock me so?! My birthday week is one of the dates for this pin code!” C, ever the calm voice of reason in my world, simply said,“Email Wendy and book it. We’re going.” (Wendy is our utterly fabulous travel agent at Magical Journeys. She rawks.) Two emails later – done. Reservations made for 2 adults at Pop Century for 5 nights.

Usually for a trip like this we would fly down. However, as the summer schedule was released on Southwest, I just wasn’t thrilled by the prices on the flights. Last summer I got tickets for all three of us for roughly the same dates for $600; this summer I was looking at $500 for just the two of us! We enjoyed the flexibility of having a rental car on our last visit so we’ve decided to drive down. C is the veteran of many Florida road trips in his childhood and I’ve done it once before. It’s a long drive but I found that I truly enjoyed it. In all honesty, it’s one of the only good memories I have of my ex-husband -  proof that Disney really can make anything magical! 

~ Becks 

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