Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wine & Dine Weekend Plans

With about 85 days left to go before my husband Geordon and I head down to Walt Disney World for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, I've been tweaking our reservations in an effort to firm up the plans.  I've rearranged some ADR times, added two breakfast reservations, and tried to make some choices on which group events I'm hoping to attend.  Most meet ups are still sketchy, so we're still playing that by ear at this point. We don't have park hopping on our tickets so we'll have to make some choices I'm sure.

Meet ups I hope to stop by:

The Disney Parks Blog released information today about a new menu at Mexico's San Angel Inn that sounds pretty good to me.  I'm really debating adding on a reservation here as well.  Though we'll be visiting to try all the food booths around World Showcase, hubby and I both have anxiety issues with extreme crowds and I can't help but think it might be a nice escape for a bit.  I have 3 meal credits not yet accounted for. What do you think?  Should I add San Angel Inn for dinner?

ADRs I have right now:
  • Citricos - Dinner, continuing my quest to eat at all of the signature establishments. 
  • Kona Cafe' - Breakfast, added today at Geordon's request for Tonga Toast after reading this article. 
  • Via Napoli - Lunch, finally! Moved the time back some since we have Kona Cafe in the morning.
  • Boma - Breakfast, added today. Instead of wasting an extra credit in  room service.
  • Ohana - Dinner, my first time ever here.
  • Cape May Cafe' - Breakfast w/ John & Sarah before Foodie Fest
  • Liberty Tree Tavern - Dinner, w/ John & Sarah before MNSSHP


  1. We don't usually do breakfast ADRs since we are total snooze button pushers but I might make an exception for the Tonga Toast. I've heard Ohana has gotten a heck of a lot better lately, so I hope it's good for you guys.

  2. I am so excited to see you in a very short time!! I can't believe it's almost here.

    I saw the article about San Angel and wanted to give it a shot. It wasn't stellar the last time we were there, so I am hoping the new makeover brings it back up to what it should be. The atmosphere is so awesome, just wish the food lived up to it.

  3. Some great restaurants on that list! I'm excited to make my adrs for my next trip.. That tonga toast is insanely sugary.. too much for me, but my husband enjoys it!