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Disney's Aulani Opening

Focused on the Magic

Thanks so much to Joel for sharing more fantastic pictures of Aulani, the Disney Vacation Club's newest deluxe resort in Ko Olina, Hawaii. You can find more of Joel's fantastic Aulani pictures, as well as many more up on his Coconut Wireless Flickr PhotoStream.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2012 Walt Disney World Moms Panel Applications

Hold onto your ear hats because it’s almost time again to apply for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. For the past several years the Walt Disney Company has conducted an extensive search to find Moms that through many years of time and experience traveling have become familiar with Disney’s “Parks, Resort hotels, dining and entertainment, shopping, and recreational activities.” The members of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel are independent contractors that have been chosen by Disney to serve a minimum of two years on the panel, answering online questions and offering advice to readers about the Walt Disney World Resort.

The application process begins in less than two weeks now, September 12th at 9:00AM EST to be exact. If it’s like the past years it will start out with few simple questions about you, simple questions  that could lead you to the adventure of a lifetime!  I know that Disney lovin' Moms and Dads across the country are once again trying their best to prepare for the experience.  Twenty thousand applicants, all with a love for Disney, competing for a mere handful of coveted spots.  I have applied to be part of the Moms Panel the past two out of three years of the search.  Along with thousands of others, both times, didn’t even make it to the second round.

For the 2012 Application Process Disney will be looking for:
  • Walt Disney World Moms Panelists
  • Disney Cruise Line Panelists
  • Disneyland Panelists
  • Adventures By Disney Panelists
  • runDisney Panelists
  • Disney Vacation Club Panelists
I would really love to become a Disney Vacation Club Panelist.   I consider it and honor to be able to enjoy and share my passion for all things Disney with other people.  As I’ve said many times here on the blog, becoming Disney Vacation Club Members added so much to the quality of life of my family.  It’s my absolute pleasure to get to help other families experience Disney, whether it is for their first time or their twenty-first time.  Because of that joy, you can be sure that I’ll be filling out that application bright and early in the morning.   Ultimately it doesn’t matter if I’m answering question as a Moms Panelist, or just here on my own blog; everyday I get to do the thing that I love most, which is share a little Disney Magic with all of you.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Green Album: Review

Erik and his Magical StarErik is a big fan of the Muppets, so last week I asked him to download the new album so that he could let you all know his thoughts.  He was more than happy to have a listen! ~Kristen

This Must be the year of The Muppets. Later this year (Thanksgiving weekend to be specific) we will see a brand new Muppet Movie after almost a decade. First, however, is a new Muppet Album. The Green Album, it's official title, is a compilation of some of the most loved Muppet Songs from the TV Show and previous Muppet Movies. The Green Album includes such favorites as; The Muppet Show Theme, Half-way Up the Stairs, Mahna Mahna, and Rainbow Connection. But these are not your parents Muppets, as the songs are re-sung and re-imagined by some of today's hottest artists. The Muppet Theme Song is sung by OK Go, while Moving Right Along is sung by Alkaline Trio.

Many of the Green Album's renditions are very traditional remakes of the originals, holding close to the song and music. The re-imaginings though may take a Muppet lover a little to get used to. Take a listen to OK Go's view of the Muppet Theme:

It is a very techno electronic version with eclectic riffs and lots of speed variations. On the album, it doesn't really work very well. But, in the video (which you just watched above, right?) it's really a lot of fun!

I the long run I think that these types of compilation albums can be risky. Purists tend to dislike them, because they want to hear Kermit sing Rainbow Connection, not Wheezer.

A full track listing for Muppets: The Green Album is available for purchase on iTunes. I also noticed this morning that it's available for a limited time at your local Starbucks.  So go ahead, grab a little green album with your Latte, and take home your favorite friends.

“Like” THE MUPPETS on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Muppets
Follow THE MUPPETS on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/MuppetsStudio

Guest post on Disney Donna Kay

DonnaKayButtonI was more than honored when Disney Donna Kay ask to interview me about the Disney Vacation Club for her regular feature Mentoring Monday.  I was featured this week, and hope that the interview and information presented brings a little magic to someone.

It's always a privilege to be able to share my wonderful experience with the Disney Vacation Club and help more families make the decision to become members. There's so much information to cover, no one interview can tell it all, but I'm more than happy to answer any questions from readers about DVC and how it enhances my family's life.  Aside from my dedicated Disney Vacation Club Page, here are just a couple of other places that you can read about DVC & Me!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aloha DVC's Aulani Resort

Ko Olina DVC-Aulani Update 2011-08-14
Ko Olina DVC-Aulani Update 2011-08-14 Ko Olina DVC-Aulani Update 2011-08-14
Ko Olina DVC-Aulani Update 2011-08-14

Ko Olina DVC-Aulani Update 2011-08-14
Ko Olina DVC-Aulani Update 2011-08-14
Ko Olina DVC-Aulani Update 2011-08-14

Ko Olina DVC-Aulani Update 2011-08-14 Ko Olina DVC-Aulani Update 2011-08-14
Ko Olina DVC-Aulani Update 2011-08-14 Ko Olina DVC-Aulani Update 2011-08-14

Ko Olina DVC-Aulani Update 2011-08-14

I wish I could say that these were my photos, but alas they're not.  Thanks so much to Joel for sharing these fantastic pictures of Aulani, the Disney Vacation Club's newest deluxe resort in Ko Olina, Hawaii.  You can find more of Joel's fantastic Aulani pictures, as well as many more up on his Coconut Wireless Flickr PhotoStream.

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Feelin' Fab Friday Blog Hop

Welcome to my post for the Feelin' Fab Friday Blog Hop!   It's been a rough week for my Fibromyalgia, but I've been trying to take care of myself and keep moving forward.  I've been a bit of a lazy blogger, but tomorrow's photo story is super special and I'm very excited to be sharing it with  you.  The kids are back to school and so we'll have a bit more of a schedule for the next few months.  Summer is always a mess and I'm really looking forward to Autumn.

This week I decided to cut back on meat.  I wouldn't say that I'm going completely vegetarian, but meat is going to play a much smaller role in our family meals than it has in the past three years.  The last time I removed meat from my diet I steadily lost weight.  I'm really hoping that this will be the case again.  My kids laughed at me and pointed out the TV commercial that says "when moms on a health kick everyone's on a health kick."  Well, yes, it's kinda of true in our house.  However, when I made our menu plan for the week I was able to do 5 out of 7 days meatless and no one complained.   I was also able to alter some of our family favorites so that the flavors were still the same even without using meat.  I cook a lot of Mexican and Italian dishes, so it's not that hard to create a fabulous meatless meal. I hope that this small change in our diet helps my entire family start to feel a little more fab!

Please take a minute to link up your blog post about what makes you feel fab.  A couple of friends and I started this hop as a way to share weight loss tips and tricks and just some ways to feel fab each and every day.  We certainly hope you're feeling fab while enjoying this weekly hop!!

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Epcot's Victoria Gardens

Victoria Gardens
Victoria Gardens in the Epcot's Canada Pavilion was inspired by the breathtaking Butchart Gardens of British Columbia. In my opinion it's one of the prettiest spots in all of Epcot, Walt Disney World. Set down and back away from the World Showcase promenade, many people walk right by. I highly encourage everyone slow down and enjoy this gem of the pavilion. Take a moment and listen to the sounds, take in the scenery, and just enjoy the moment.
Focused on the Magic

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Win a trip for 4 to the opening of Cars Land and a private Jungle Cruise tour skippered by John Lasseter!

This may be one of the coolest contests ever.  I received an email from Walt Disney Motion Pictures yesterday containing  this plea for help.  "From late 1977 through spring 1978, John Lasseter, before becoming chief creative officer at Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios and principal creative advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering, worked at Disneyland, and was a skipper on the Jungle Cruise attraction. Recently, a search for a photo of John skippering the Jungle Cruise came up empty. Surely there must be a photo of Skipper John somewhere? To find one, we have created a contest: the first person to submit a verifiable photo of John as the skipper of the Jungle Cruise from 1977 will win a trip for 4 to the grand opening of Cars Land at Disney California Adventure in summer 2012, and a ride on the Jungle Cruise skippered by none other than John himself! What better way to turn a Disney memory of old into a Disney memory of today?"

For details on how to submit, visit
or the official Disney•Pixar Facebook page:

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Worried Less: OnStar On Board

OnStar Reflection

They say that often you don't really notice something until it's gone, and that was absolutely the case for me this past week. I have had the pleasure of driving around in a fantastic GMC Acadia Denali, a fully loaded luxury SUV that took my breath away with it's grace and comfort. This is the first car that I've driven in a good 15 years that hasn't been a mini-van and I must say that I enjoyed it immensely. However before I offer you an in depth review of the Acadia, I wanted to talk about what was missing during my drives this week. Worry & Stress. Gone was the worry and stress that I usually feel when I'm out on the road. Worry and stress that I didn't even realize I had until it was missing.

Yes, I'm a worrier by nature, and not all of my fears are rational, but as the main driver in my household I'm on the road quite a bit running errands and being the typical Mom's Taxi. It turns out when I leave the house I'm constantly worrying about my vehicle. It's getting old and I listen intently to any new sound or rattle it develops, my mind races with fear that it may break down. Can I take a turn? Will I get lost? Will I get a flat tire? Will I get in an accident? Can I fix it? Are the kids with me? Am I in a safe area? Who could I call if I need help? While driving the Acdadia I didn't worry about any of it, because I had OnStar on board.

30 different GM vehicles offer the OnStar system. OnStar is help that you can count on when you need it most. A little blue button that connects you to an Advisor that knows where you are and what services are nearby. OnStar Advisors can help you get through virtually any situation no matter if you need directions to the nearest ice cream parlor, or emergency assistance. Our experience connecting to  OnStar Advisors for navigation assistance showed them to be friendly and helpful. OnStar  is more than just a friendly voice on the other end that can help you get to your location, it has offered Automatic Crash Response and Roadside Assistance that has helped more than 346 million users since 1996. 

With it's mobile App it can keep you and your car connected in even greater ways.   OnStar's App lets you lock and unlock your doors, start your vehicle remotely, view real time information about fuel, check milage, oil life and access all yoour account information in the palm of your hand.  In addition to this  OnStar will monitor you cars vital systems and send you an email with a personalized report to let you know how your car is working and give you links for easy service appointments is something is wrong.  While I was visiting a friend this past week, she even regaled me with a story of how  OnStar found and helped the police recover her car when it was stolen.  

OnStar IS Peace of Mind.

I never realized how much I worry about being out in the car until that was all gone. With OnStar as my companion I was able to relax and just enjoy my ride.

Disclainer: GMC provided me with an Acadia Denali for the week to test drive and review. All opinions and experiences expressed in this review are entirely my own. I was not compensated for this review.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Walt Disney Stuidos Previews Upcoming Films at D23 Expo

Saturday afternoon my twitter stream fell silent as 2,000 miles away in Anaheim, California the Disney fan community surrendered their electronics and filed into the convention center's arena to hear and see all the latest and greatest from Walt Disney Studios. They were super excited to hear "John Lasseter, chief creative officer, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios; and Kevin Feige, producer and president, Marvel Studios, present a look at The Walt Disney Studios' upcoming film slate."  The star studded presentation included never before seem clips and an inside glimpse at what's to come from the Studios.  Here's a list of the upcoming films that they have in store for us, follow the links for more information!  You can keep up with all the latest by follow @DisneyPictures on Twitter.
Of all of these potentially fantastic films I am most looking forward to is Pixar's Brave.  Brave is the tale of a rugged Scottish Princess defying traditions and unleashing chaos to her world. Her exploits lead her to discover true bravery so that she can undo a curse and set everything right again. The trailers I've seen make it look like a high spirited magical adventure that will introduce the Pixar Princess in the most fantastic way possible. I can't wait!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stroll through the Grand Floridian

Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Grand Floridian Lobby Jazz Band
Bird Cage Bird Cage Elevator
Grand Floridian Courtyard Fountain
Grand Floridian Courtyard Fountain Grand Floridian Courtyard Fountain
Grand Floridian Path
Grand Floridian Marina

Friday, August 19, 2011

Feelin' Fab with a Glass of Wine

IMG_0820It's been a really hard summer for trying to "Feel Fab", and I know that I'm not the only Blog Hop member that's struggling to maintain their positive outlook.  A myriad of medical conditions, some bothersome, and some joyful have been plaguing our hoppers.  However yesterday on the ABC evening news I heard a story that gave me a little hope.  Hope, that even though I haven't been getting to the gym, and decided not to walk the Halloween 5K, that perhaps one of my habits could prove useful. 

According to a report in the March 8 Archives of Internal Medicine, wine may help fight weight gain in women.  Ahhh the beauty of the French Paradox, eat rich food, drink beautiful wines, stay young an vital until you die.  According to this study women who drank 5 to 30 grams of alcohol daily (there's about 15 grams in 5 oz of wine) have a lower rate of becoming obese.  Hrmmm... perhaps I should have started drinking in my early 20's like the rest of my friends.  For folks like me, who are already obese, wine is probably not going to be a magic bullet to aid in weight loss.  However this isn't the only study that has show wine to be beneficial to your health.  Wines (especially deep red ones) are excellent sources antioxidants and resveratrol which is key in preventing damage to blood vessels, preventing blot clots and reducing "bad" cholesterol. Even the doctors at the Mayo Clinic agree that Red Wine in moderation is good for your heart.  The key,  as with so many thinks is moderation.

So go ahead.  Pour that glass of wine.  It's not a magic pill, nor will it drop pounds off of your frame but you can feel good in taking a few minutes to yourself each day and enjoying the healthy benefits of a guilty pleasure.  Feel fab...

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kids & ComicCon: A Parents Point of View

Today we welcome back Erik, who is going to to help us take a look at our trip to Chicago Comic Con 2011.  Like the anime conventions that we've talked about attending, ComicCon can be an exciting place for kids, but parents need to stay vigilant.   As a parent you can create lasting memories by attending these events with your children if you do a little pre-planning and know what to expect. Thanks for sharign your thoughts Erik!  ~Kristen

Erik and his Magical StarKids love super-heroes; whether it’s Marvel’s Ironman or Avenger’s or DC’s Superman or Wonder Woman, this particular culture has challenged children’s imaginations for decades. And what was once the food for little boy’s minds now draws in little girls with characters like Harley Quinn (DC), Batgirl (DC), Invisible Girl (Marvel), and BlackWidow (Marvel). This creates the perfect opportunity for family togetherness at a comic book convention like Comic-Con. Any Parent, however, needs to be vigilant because this is not like any comic book convention that they may have grown up with. Today, comic books and comic book companies are trying to appease two distinct audiences; adults and children. This is very obvious when going into a convention like Comic-Con, so the problem is; how do you separate the adults from the kids? This can be a lot harder then it sounds depending on how you view appropriateness and your location within the convention center.

Dealers Floor – This is probably one of the easiest places to control within the convention center. Most conventions, Comic-Con included, usually have guide lines explaining what is and isn’t appropriate to display on walls and shelves within a booth. Also, some of the more mature-oriented booth even go as far as posting signage state that they are for more adult tastes. For instance, the booth for Suicidegirls.com did a great job at Comic-Con this year with age appropriate signage and keeping their product shrink-wrapped for the benefit of young, prying eyes. Sadly, sometimes vendors don’t care at all so it is very important that you pay close attention as you wander the hall.

Program Floor – This is the other easy area to handle what you feel is and isn’t appropriate content. All programs tend to come with fairly obvious titles and sometimes short descriptions of their content. This means if you walk into a program discussing the evolution of villains during the early years of the X-men…then you are pretty sure that this is what you are going to get. On the plus side, many conventions do tend to have age-appropriate panels and discussions geared towards the younger crowds. Comic-Con is no exception, and Sunday (which was kids day) held a very interesting group for kids on: "How to be a Superhero within Your Own Community".

Artists Floor – This area tends to be a little trickier then the last two. While most artists tend to hang or showcase art that is fairly ‘all-ages’, this can not be counted on. This becomes a problem where those artists only produce mature content and themes, and just because you are able to get your kids past most of the mature art doesn’t mean they didn’t see it. If you are worried about the kind of exposure that your children come in contact with, I might skip the artist’s floor while they are with you. There is plenty of art in the dealer’s area and even some artist’s willing and happy to discuss the industry and their craft with the next Jack Kirby or Jim Lee.

Special Events – Zombies are everywhere and Comic-Con is no exception. Saturday heralded in the Zombie Apocalypse and Ball. This is no surprise since one of the most popular comics is also a hit TV series: The Walking Dead. This means that zombies and zombie art was everywhere this year. I even saw some of the cutest zombie children costumes that I have ever seen. My point here is that you need to pay attention to your program guide and event calendar for the convention. This could save you a lot of hassle if you walk into a convention and realize too late that the day you planned to go turned into something that was inappropriate for you and your family.

Costumes – Like many conventions, Comic-Con is brimming with people dressed as their favorite hero, villain, or monster. The thing that the first time convention attendee and parent needs to remember is that comic book costumes tend to be fairly… skimpy. Sure you and your kids will see a lot of Storm-troopers, Supermen, and Spidermen walking around but you’ll also see several Slave Princess Leah’s and PowerGirls. Go ahead and Google them, I’ll wait……..

………Now imagine walking into your local convention for the first time with your son or daughter and having to explain the 15 or 20 girls dressed as Slave Leia who seem to be getting A LOT of attention. Personally, I love costuming at a convention. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as running into other pirates or members of your characters super group and being all pirate-ie or superhero-ie. And what kid doesn’t love to dress up as their favorite hero and nothing is cuter then seeing a little Batman or Terra walking around a convention floor as they get compliments for a great costume, they will eat the attention up.

All in all, Comic-Con is something every fan should experience (whether you’re lucky enough to go to San Diego or any of the other Comic-Cons). And going with your kids could create those wonderful bonding moments all parents hope for. But not only these memories, you may also be laying the ground work for a family tradition that you share with your kids and they share with theirs, etc, etc. And if comic books and super heroes aren’t your thing, well that’s okay too because there are tons of conventions for every type of hobby imaginable: sports to electronics, toys to animals. Whatever you do, don’t miss this opportunity. You won’t regret it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

flipflop gives Soles4Souls

PrintGiving back to community is important to us here at DVC Mom's Traveler and we love working with companies that believe in it too. Just like Cinderella weknow how much one shoe can change your life, and the kindred spirits at flipflop wines couldn't agree more. That's why they've teamed up with the very worthy charity Soles4Souls in an effort to put shoes on more than 100,000 feet of the world's poorest children.

"The reality of life for many individuals in developing nations is that having a pair of shoes is a rarity. It is not uncommon for children to grow up in these areas without ever having had a pair of shoes at all. The number of barefoot orphaned children, in Sub-Saharan Africa alone, is estimated to be above 20 million. Many serious health conditions can be absorbed through the feet, even through the toughest soles. In addition, constant cuts and scrapes to the feet and ankles frequently become infected and many of these infections can lead to ulcers and worse." Soles4Souls collects gently worn shoes and monies to provide shoes to those in need.

flp_bs_750_ries_09_72Last week we kicked in our flip flops to enjoy a new bottle of the 2009 Riesling from flipflop wines.  I haven't always has a good friendship with Rieslings, and find that many can give me a  headache, so this summer I've been on a quest to discover what I really like and can drink from the Riesling Grape.  Most of what I have found has been super sweet, so I was in for a delightful surprise when I opened the 2009 flipflop Riesling

Coming out of Washington State this Riesling is truly a fruit filled summer treat.  Not overly sweet at all, it's medium body doesn't isn't cloying and doesn't linger more than expected.  This was a Riesling that surprised me with it's with a big aromas bursting with peach and apricot.  It's tropical flavors danced in my mouth and it seemed like it could be the perfect pairing for some light summer flavors. The company suggests "tofu stir-fry, shredded pork tacos, and sake sashimi" as great pairings.  Highly drinkable, Hurricane Dad declared this "may be the best Riesling" that he's tasted.  It packs a punch though as the 2009 flipflop Riesling has an Alcohol content of 13%! Drink responsibly.


Wine Wednesday Disclaimer: flipflop wine sent me a bottle of the 2009 Riesling to taste, however all opinions expressed within this post are entirely my own.  All wine consumed by and tasted entirely by persons over the age of 21. This information is intended for those of legal drinking age, and is for entertainment purposes only. The author advocates moderation and caution when drinking and this Wine Wednesday is in no way intended to promote binge-drinking, alcoholism, underage drinking, hazing, drunk driving, or any other form of alcohol abuse.

Cinderella Castle


Focused on the Magic

I've been beginning to obsess about Holiday Cards and what to do about them for the 2011 season. Last year I used Shutterfly to create my Holiday cards, and this image was featured. I thought it seemed to be a great Wordless Wednesday option since cards are on my mind. I'll have to try and get a great card shot while I'm down in WDW next month. Hrmmm... but what fabulous piece of Disneyana should take center stage?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Claire Bilby Named As DVC Senior Vice President

I found the following message from Disney Vacation Club in my mail box this morning. It comes after Jim Lewis' quick and departure from his position with DVC last week. I'm not familiar with Ms. Bilby's record, but I do hope that she keeps the Vacation Club moving forward in a fantastic manner. I'd also like the old logo back, just sayin'.
"Disney Vacation Club is pleased to welcome seasoned Disney leader Claire Bilby as its new Senior Vice President, with responsibility for all aspects of the business.

Claire succeeds Jim Lewis, who left the company after serving as its president since 2006.

Claire has a distinguished history with Disney, starting in marketing at Walt Disney World Resort in 1988 and taking increasing levels of executive responsibility with the company in Florida, California and around the globe.

She recently served as Senior Vice President of Distribution Marketing and Asia Pacific Sales for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Among her responsibilities were leading all sales channel marketing for Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney Travel Company, Adventures by Disney and Disney Institute. She also served as the top sales leader for Disney Destinations' Asia Pacific Region, with responsibilities for Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney's regional sales office in Tokyo and sales offices in Australia and China. Most recently, Claire led the sales organization at Disneyland Resort Paris on a temporary assignment.

"Claire brings to Disney Vacation Club an impressive track record in global sales, as well as an inspirational leadership style and innovative thinking," said Karl L. Holz, President of New Vacation Operations and Disney Cruise Line, and whose responsibilities include Disney Vacation Club.

Claire's many accomplishments include helping to launch several Disney theme parks and serving as a key leader in the milestone 50th anniversary celebration for Disneyland Resort."

Monday, August 15, 2011

Kids Day at Chicago Comic Con

Yesterday I piled the family into the van and off we went to experience Kids Day at Chicago's Comic Con.  The day was full of shopping, celebrities, and artists. There was something going on on every inch of floor space. We tried to take part in some of the kids activities, which though fully staffed were a little disorganized. As a more industry based event rather than a fan event this was very different than the Midwest Anime Convention that we went to in May. It was a whirlwind day, that I admit being a little overwhelmed by, but I think everyone had a great time.  Erik will have a review of the day coming for you later in the week, but until then why don't you enjoy some video of our day!

Disclaimer: My family attended this event as guests of Wizard World.

DVC Halloween Party Perk!!

100_1991Last year on vacation the kids and I had an amazing time at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom Park.  The entire time I kept saying to them "Oh Dad would love this, oh Dad has to see that!"  It was just awful being there without his when I knew he would be having so much fun.  So this year, I'm dragging Hurricane Dad to the Halloween Party when we're down for Food & Wine Festival. There's so much entertainment and so many activities with a great showing of Disney Villans, Pirates and Ghosts!  Honestly, The Boo-to-you Parade may be my most favorite of all the Disney Parades that I've seen in the last 40 years.  So much fun!  We'll be at the October 2nd Party, if you will too Tweet us (@DVCMom or @HurricaneDad411) for a Meet-up!

Last week the Disney Vacation Club announced that Members could enjoy spook-tacular savings on Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom Park and Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland Park too!!
Event Activities and Entertainment In addition to cherished Disney attractions, partygoers will be spellbound by special entertainment and amusements, including:
  • Disney Characters and Disney Villains in creative Halloween costumes
  • Costumed trick-or-treating in the Park
  • Thrilling and chilling fireworks displays
  • Creepy-yet-creative crafts and activities for the whole family
Magic Kingdom Park
For just $49.95 plus tax for adults and $43.95 plus tax for kids (ages 3 to 9), Members may purchase up to 6 discount tickets on the following 2011 party dates:

September: 13, 16, 20, 23, 27 and 30

For just $52.95 plus tax for adults and $47.95 plus tax for kids (ages 3 to 9), Members may purchase up to 6 discount tickets on the following 2011 party dates:

October: 2, 6, 10, 11, 16, 18, 20, 23 and 25

Disneyland Park
For just $44 plus tax per ticket, Members may purchase up to 8 discount tickets for the following 2011 party dates:

September: 30
October: 3, 11, 18, 25

Book Early and Save!
To purchase discount tickets for an evening of enchantment, call Member Services at (800) 800-9800. Or explore additional event details and event dates at Walt Disney World Resort or at Disneyland Resort.

Must have a valid Member ID for purchase of tickets with specific event night savings. Tickets with these savings may not be purchased online. Savings based on day of event prices. Space is limited and tickets are available while supplies last. Advance purchase savings available with valid Disney Vacation Member ID on specified event nights only and may not be combined with other discounts or promotions. Limit six (6) tickets per Member, per event date. Each ticket is valid for admission to the event and parking for one (1) vehicle (larger vehicles may require an additional fee) on the specified event date. Tickets are nonrefundable and may not be sold or transferred for commercial use. Tickets are not valid for theme park admission prior to the hours of the event. All costumes must adhere to any guidelines as determined solely by Disney. Please choose costumes that are not obstructive, offensive, or violent. Guests' eyes must be visible at all times. Offer and event information and activities are subject to restrictions and change without notice.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Disney's Castaway Cay Island Images

Welcome to Castaway Cay!

Boat Beach
BeachBeach Chairs

Disney Dream

First Aid StationHibiscus
HIbiscusGift Shop

Mt. Rustmore