Monday, August 8, 2011

African BBQ Chicken Flatbread at Jiko

Barbecue Chicken Flatbread - Served with grilled onion, apple-jicama slaw, African barbecue sauce, and four cheeses
It could easily be said that my favorite food in the whole world is a classic pizza Margherita. The clean simple tastes coming together is a delectable bite on a crispy crust.  Mmmm... delish.  Though I'm picky about quality,  I haven't always been the most adventurous eater.  However, my growing love for culinary adventure has recently brought me to take chances where I have been very traditional in the past.  One of these opportunities presented it's self to me when I dined at Jiko, The Cooking Place, located at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Jiko is one of Disney's signature dining experiences, featuring an elegant contemporary African themed environment, and traditional African dishes with hints of European, Indian and Asian flavors. Jiko is the proud home of and award winning wine list that features the world's largest selection of South African wines.

Feeling adventurous I started off my meal with a flatbread.   Jiko's Barbecue Chicken Flatbread to be exact, which is served with grilled onion, apple-jicama slaw, African barbecue sauce, and four cheeses.  When all is said and done, it may be one of the most interesting things I've ever eaten. I had had a BBQ chicken pizza before, but they were nothing like this.

The crust was hand formed and cooked up crisp, the chicken was in nice bite sized pieces, so you didn't have to struggle with the toppings falling off.  The chicken was covered in some mild cheeses. Then there was the most perplexing element of this flatbread, the apple-jicama slaw.  It was surprising and unique to have such a fresh veggie crunch when I bit down.  The whole things was drizzled with the most uniquely spiced bbq sauce, that wasn't overly spicy, but surely let you know that it was there.  I ate a piece of the flatbread and wasn't sure what I thought of it, then I ate another, and handed one more to my companion to get his opinion.  I noshed on the flatbread and sipped my cocktail, perplexed, but intrigued by the exotic flavors that it presented me with.  "Did I like it" I would think to myself?  Hrmmm... another piece would figure it out.  Until, suddenly the whole thing was gone and I had a pleasantly full tummy.

Have you tried the BBQ Chicken Flatbread at Jiko?  What are your thoughts?

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