Monday, August 1, 2011

Alexa Blog Hop

As if I didn't obsess about my Klout numbers enough today I found an Alexa Blog hop and remembered that the spectacular Disney Go To Girl keeps an eye on her Alexa score.   Alexa ratings are based on how many people, with the Alexa Toolbar installed, visit your blog and how many pages they look at.   It's just one of the many tools that PR professionals look at when deciding if they would like to work with your website or blog.  

I though I'd be helpful and feed into the neurosis  today.  By linking up for this fun experiment in Alexa rank.  Now, I just discovered Alexa a couple of weeks ago, so I haven't ever done anything to try and improve my ranking.  It will be interesting for me to see if this blog hop improves my rank at all.  I must admit, as with many tools that require web plugins (like the Alexa tool bar) there was no tool to be used with Safari, which as a Mac girl is my browser of choice.  I'm not sure how much I'll use the Alexa toolbar when it means that I need to open an additional program. 

Make Your Rank Lower Monday Alexa blog hop is hosted today by Crunchy Frugalista and Money SavvyMichelle.  If you've come by with the hop thank you *so* much!  Leave a comment and let me know how I can follow you back, leave a review and I'll do the same.  Stick around a bit and visit the DVC Mom website.   Last week's key posts include the following fun:

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