Friday, August 5, 2011

Disney Dream's Royal Palace Lunch

Royal Palace Sign

The fun and unique dining rotation is often talked about when travelers discuss the Disney Cruise Line's culinary options, but what you don't hear a lot about is lunch in port.  Perhaps that because most of the guests have filed off the ship and headed into town for their shore excisions or to dine out in the local "wilds."  Disney doesn't leave it's guests hanging though, and for those still onboard, lunch is served with the same grace and style that accompanies dinner.  Since we had a late tour booked in Nassau, we took this opportunity to have a nosh at the Disney Dream's Royal Palace, which opened at Noon.

The entry way to the Royal Palace in in the ship's main lobby just off of the atrium.  From the grand piano sitting outside to magnificent inlaid marble floors everything about this restaurant let's you know that it's a place fit for royalty.  The Royal Palace may in fact be one of the most beautiful restaurants that I have been in, short of dining at Cinderella's Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom.  Every perfect Princess detail is attended to, with royal carriages serving as bread baskets and carved into the dark wood chairs, to  shimmering chandeliers that may have been tiaras in another life.  Special themeing from all of the Disney Princesses is represented, including beautiful painted plates and the walls along side rose & beast themed mirrors, snow white linens on the tables and beautiful crystal.  Even at lunch service the elegance of the setting was strong and the service, it was simply beyond compare.  With many guests off the ship, the servers are even more attentive to your needs than usual and offer an extraordinary and relaxed meal.

Royal Palace Seating
Chair My favorite small chandelier.  It reminds me of a tiara.
Cinderella Plates Snow White Plates

The lunch menu was more casual then dinner offerings, but no less delicious. There was a broad variety of choices for every dining taste, and as usual guests are invited to mix and match, ordering whatever they would like to try. Being that it was Noon and we had a tour leaving at 12:45, we chose just to order what we felt would be quick appetizers and entrees. Our wait staff, who didn't see us much on the cruise due to our specialty reservations, was thrilled to see us again at the lunch, however seemed sad that we were in such a rush.  Clicking on the menu below will give you the opportunity to open it in a larger size to see all of the selections.

Click to enlarge Menu Image

I started out my meal with a very simple and tasty veggie quesadilla.  It was delicious, but fairly unremarkable.  Erik was much more adventurous and went for the assorted seafood sampler. We don't eat a lot of seafood at home, so he was taking the opportunity to try many new things.  The little crab claw was a puzzlement as we comically tried to figure out how to get it open so that he could eat it. Once he got the hang of it he found it quite delicious.  Next came our entrees, I had the Turkey Melt, and he had the glazed meatloaf.  Though the Turkey melt was good, again, it was quite unremarkable and perhaps I should have ordered something else. The meatloaf on the other hand was a savory delight, and Erik shared some of it with me.  He was very pleased overall with his meal and would highly recommend his choices.

Seafood Appetizer Erik & Seafood plate
Turkey Melt Glazed Meatloaf
Bread carraige Erik & Kristen

Overall I think that lunch was a delightful success, even though I was more into the atmosphere of the restaurant than I was what I had ordered. I love forward to going back and trying the Key Lime pie that I was very sad not to have enough time to taste.  I think that if you're not in a hurry to get off of the ship in port, lunch at the Royal Palace is an extremely worthwhile endeavor.  Go without being rushed, enjoy yourself, listen to the music and soak up the elegance. Be adventurous with your order, it's okay if you don't like it, the wait staff will be more than happy to bring you something else.  Most of all enjoy yourself, as you're treated like royalty.

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